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Product Test Expertise

Test Standards, Compliance, and Analysis Experience

With many decades of product test expertise , our staff can help you through the maze of standards and assess a test matrix that returns value.  Beyond compliance testing, proper product evaluation can  provide verification of product safety and quality.  This is essential in meeting your customers expectations and preventing costly product recalls, warranty issues, and product liabilities.

We can provide pretest analysis of products to identify potential structural and EMI/EMC failures before going to the lab.  This can save both time and money by identifying redesign requirements early in the evaluation process.  Most products tested fail initial emissions testing.  Products often have difficulty meeting desired levels of ingress protection.  Our experts can not only identify these issues but recommend modifications based on years of experience.

Our range of services also include test witnessing to provide a person on site who can advocate on your behalf to ensure testing is performed as specified, as well as providing set up and monitoring.  This can save travel time and expenses and provide a person at the test site who is accustomed to working in a test lab environment.

We have many years of hands-on experience in designing, testing and consulting on product compliance and development.  CVG Strategy is dedicated to providing product test management services to our customers with the highest level of comprehensive engineering competence,  to gain access and maintain compliance with worldwide markets.

Strategically located in central Florida (just south of Cape Canaveral) in Viera, Florida, CVG Strategy has a national network of partners enables us to be a One-Stop Shop for your testing and regulatory requirements including product test management services.

Product Test Management Services

We provide manufacturers with a new option of having a comprehensive outsourced product test department utilizing our test program management expertise for qualification and verification testing at test labs.

Often product developers face an array of complicated test standards to meet customer requirements and achieve compliance.  Unless they have the budget and skilled personnel, managing a suite of product testing is a big challenge.  We understand this and offer our services to help our clients solve this problem.

We have extensive experience in EMI/EMC, environmental, and product safety testing.  Our goal is to ensure that appropriate testing is performed as specified and that important data is captured including post test troubleshooting and analysis.

Sectors of products we work with include Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Information Technology, Machinery, Medical, Military, Telecom and Wireless.

Types of Environmental Tests

Type of Process/Test


Performed on

Attempts to simulate service environment


Early verification that planned system and materials will meet requirements

Samples and prototypes


Design Verification

Verify that the system will meet design requirements

As close to production configuration as possible



Find and eliminate design and process items that reduce reliability

As close to production configuration as possible


Environmental Stress Screening

Transform latent failures into patent failures before delivery to the end user.

Production systems


CVG Strategy has the experience and knowledge to help you with product test management services at any point in your development and qualification program.

Product Test Witness

We provide:

1. Subject Matter Expertise – We offer advice, guidance and support on a long list of Commercial and DOD Product Standards.

2. Consulting Services – Program ManagementIndependent Third-Party Witness, and many other outsourced support roles where we add value to your program.

3. Documentation – Our prolific writers can prepare life cycle environmental profiles, test plansproduct evaluationcompliance by analysis reportstest summaries, and many others to supplement your product test internal resources.

4. MIL-STD-810 online training to help you get the most value for your product test and evaluation program.

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