Automotive Component Testing for Product Verification

Automotive Component Testing

CVG Strategy can help guide your product development team to success.  Our experts in automotive component testing can guide you through the maze of regulatory and customer test requirements to get your product to market.  We can also provide analysis to mitigate product safety issues that could result in warranty issues, product recall, and product safety liability.

Automotive Component Testing Requirements

Products for vehicles must provide specified operation in the presence of a wide variety of real world environmental stresses and provide operation that does not compromise product safety.  These stresses not only include climatic and dynamic functions but also include EMI/EMC and electrical concerns.

Assessment testing requirements for the automotive industry can be very challenging.  Vehicle standard vary from country to country and each vehicle manufacturer has specialized requirements and test methodologies.  Additionally, requirements for test severities and durations are different for individual component types. 

CVG Strategy has experience in automotive component testing and offers a wide array of automotive testing solutions to get your product to market.

Automotive Component Testing

Product Evaluation

Performing a product evaluation before testing can identify potential design defects as early as possible in product development to save time and money.

Environmental Analysis

To identify relevant environmental parameters and test methodologies we can perform a Life Cycle Environmental Profile (LCEP) to identify environmental stresses likely to be found throughout the entire life cycle of the product, from shipping, installation, maintenance, and operational life.  This process which is derived from MIL-STD-810 is useful for providing guidance in many commercial applications where durability and product safety of are of particular concern. 

The data from the LCEP can then be used as input into an Environmental Issues/Criteria List (EICL) that includes requirements from customer specifications and measured data.  The EICL in turn can provide a basis for product specification and tailored test and evaluation parameters.

We can provide modeling and simulation to analyze a mechanical designs’ ability to endure expected vibration and shock.  This can provide confidence that future testing can be passed or in many cases provide compliance by analysis.

Ingress protection is of special concern for automotive components because sealing methodologies must not only protect against intrusion but also survive UV, Vibration, Shock, Thermal Cycling, and in many cases provide EMI/EMC protection.  CVG Strategy has expertise in ingress protection and how to best implement it in automotive component testing applications.  We also have extensive knowledge in applicable test methodologies.

EMI/EMC and Electrical Analysis

EMI/EMC and Electrical Compatibility requirements are stringent in automotive component testing.  This is due to the high density of products in a vehicle, increased radio frequency usage by electronics in the environment, and power bus electrical sources of interference and disturbances. 

CVG Strategy EMI/EMC experts  can apply state of the art analysis of your product to detect issues before testing and provide design modification recommendations that will allow your product to meet requirements and provide levels of susceptibility protection to ensure that the product operation does not cause hazardous conditions that could lead to product liability issues.

Test Program Services

We offer a wide range of testing services to assist in your evaluation of automotive components. 

We can provide test program management to oversee an entire test program.  Our program managers have decades of experience in test and evaluation and can schedule, perform and oversee testing while being an advocate for your product.  We have experience working with most laboratories and can schedule cost effective testing in a timely manner.  

We offer test witnessing services to setup testing and ensure that testing is performed as specified.  Our test witnesses record important data, perform operational tests when applicable, and can perform post test trouble shooting and analysis.

We also provide a wide array of test documentation services.  We can write custom test plans, provide test program summaries.  Proper documentation ensures that the test can be performed as specified, that required data is gathered, and that the test is repeatable.

Vibration Test Fixture Design and Construction

Essential to any test program that includes vibration and shock procedures is a vibration test fixture.  We can design custom fixtures for your product that take into consideration the frequency content of planned testing.  A well designed test fixture transmits excitation from test equipment to the test item without resonances and nulls that can result in severe over and under test.

CVG Strategy Can Help

CVG Strategy provides test solutions to verify the safety and quality of vehicle systems and components.  We are familiar with both the applicable international standards and vehicle manufacturer specific test protocols involved with automotive component testing.

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