Documentation For Test Programs – Setting Parameters

Documentation for Testing Programs.

Proper documentation for testing programs is critical.  Documentation ensures that appropriate testing will be conducted to specified parameters and that it will return reliable data for analysis and repeatability of the evaluation.  It also establishes criteria and procedures for acceptable performance of the test item before, during, and after the evaluation.

Types of Documentation

There are a variety of documents that are involved in the test and evaluation process.  These include:

Life Cycle Environmental Profile (LCEP)

The Life Cycle Environmental Profile (LCEP) is part of MIL-STD-810.  Although this is a military standard it is also widely applicable to commercial products where reliabilility and ability of the product to perform as specified in all conditions is of special concern.  The LCEP is a document derived from an analysis of climatic and dynamic stresses likely to be encountered during the entire life time of the product. 

Once identified, this document provides parameters for each stress.  This provides input into the Environmental Issues/Criteria List which is a living compendium of parameters with their rationale.

Environmental Issues/Criteria List (EICL)

The Environmental Issues/Criteria List (EICL) is a document that receives input from the LCEP, measured data where available, and customer specifications.  This is to be modified whenever new data is acquired.  The data is accompanied by rationale explaining sources and methodology of acquisition. 
Measured data from the intended environment of usage is preferable when it can be obtained.  This list of data can then be used as a basis for future design specification.  It can also be used to established tailored criteria for severity and duration of evaluative testing.

Compliance by Analysis Report

In many cases compliance can be achieved through Compliance by Analysis.  This process involves can involve computer modeling and simulation, acceptance by similarity, or testing of coupon samples instead of an entire system.  When this process a Compliance by Analysis Report is generated to document findings so that they can be used for validation of compliance.

Test Plans

Test Plans are written to specify exactly how a test is to be performed by test lab personnel and the product team member.  These documents also identify data that can be used for post test analysis and data to be used to ensure repeatability in future tests.  Test plans should identify information about the product to be tested including operational tests to be performed during testing, modes of operation, monitoring and simulation equipment used, and criteria for performance evaluation.

CVG Strategy offers EZ Test Plan Templates for environmental (climatic/dynamic) and EMI/EMC testing documentation.  Our Detailed Environmental Test Plans (DETP)s are written as specified in MIL-STD-810 Task 405.  They are available for specific applications and include sectors such as Ground Mobile, Ground Stationary, and Shipboard Controlled. 

These DETPs include appropriate test methods, addendums for product specific information, test labels for photo identification and data sheets for collection of required data. Profile (LCEP). 

Our Electromagnetic Interference Test Plans are written as specified in MIL-STD-461.  They contain the test methodology, addendums for product specific information, test labels for photo identification and data sheets.  These plans are available for procedures listed in MIL-STD-461 and are also available for MIL-STD-1275, MIL-STD-704, and MIL-STD-1399-300. 

Custom Test Plans are also available for applications not covered in the EZ Test Plan offerings.  These plans can be written for any number of applications and their relevant standards.

Documentation for Test Programs

Test Report Summaries

Test Report Summaries provide a condensed output of the entire test and evaluation process.  This document is useful because it can be shared with customers without revealing potentially proprietary information, and can be used as an overview by product developers without having to sift through mountains of data.

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