Life Cycle Environmental Profile

Life Cycle Environmental Profile

Life Cycle Environmental Profile

CVG Strategy’s Life Cycle Environmental Profile (LCEP) are compliant with MIL-STD-810G Task 402.  The purpose of an Life Cycle Environmental Profile is to document the decisions, choices and plan for a particular product of family of products.  MIL-STD-810G states clearly that there is a decision tree to be applied to justify choices and tailoring of test parameters.  An Life Cycle Environmental Profile is the document we use to define the Natural Environmental Characteristics, Item Platform Characteristics, Platform Environments, and Design Requirements which will yield tailored Test Procedures.

When we prepare an LCEP, we will evaluate the following:

Life Cycle Environmental Profile

  1. Product Engineering Plan
  2. Customer requirements documents
  3. Sales input on desired performance characteristics
  4. Product brochures and white papers
  5. Engineering review of product capabilities
  6. Map of product from factory to fielding
  7. Geographic plan
  8. Similar products (competitive research) life cycles


Tailoring is essential, but being able to defend it many months or years later is also critical.  Having an LCEP helps the process internally to define where and how a product is to be used and supported.  It also becomes a logical method to tell your customer how the product is to be used and where.  And, what you are signing up for with regards to the product and its survivability.

Life Cycle Environmental Profile – Outline

  1. Abstract
  2. Mission Profile
  3. Incorporated Documents
  4. Transport (non-operating or operating)
  5. Anticipated Logistical & Operational Events
  6. Service Life Analysis
  7. Environmental Factors
  8. Climatic Operational Areas

A sample Life Cycle Environmental Profile (the first few pages) can be downloaded here for your review.

Typically an Life Cycle Environmental Profile will be accompanying by or have integrated with it a matrix showing the list of tests required and their parameters to validate the profile.


Product Test Plan Matrix – based on LCEP

  1. Method (Element)
  2. Tailored Parameters
  3. Operational or Storage Determination
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