Incumbent Worker
Training Grants

Incumbent Worker Training Grants can help you offset costs for implementing ITAR or Quality Training Programs or MIL-STD-810 Test Programs.

Incumbent Worker TrainingThe State of Florida offers Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) grants to help companies retain their employees and to support re-training with matching funds, 50/50 or 25/75 for companies with less than 50 employees) up to $200,000.  Depending on the training that is planned, many manufacturing companies can qualify for these grants.  This is available to eligible companies every two years, and only for specific training categories.  The training funds may be used to support training conducted by CVG Strategy.

Florida companies may apply for IWT Grants once every two years. The grant will pay for training that is innovative to the business and help it expand or retain workers.

IWT – Incumbent Worker Training Grants 

2022-2023_Incumbent Worker Training Program Guidelines

incumbent worker trainingThe IWT Program provides grant funding for customized training to existing for-profit businesses. CVG Strategy can help you apply for a grant for the IWT Program, and if approved, use the funding for a 50/50 or 25/75% (for companies with less than 50 employees) matching grant for training to help you implement your Quality System or ITAR & Export Compliance Program.  The State of Florida, through Careersource Florida, Inc. administers the program in order to help to retain workers in Florida.

The program is structured to be flexible to meet the business’s training objectives. CVG Strategy is registered with the State to perform the training and meet the requirements of the program.  As your consultant, we can provide a training program and help you through the application process.

Business Considerations – What is required of the business?

The business must identify in the IWT application, its contribution (“company match”) to the training program. Businesses will be required to provide a minimum of 50% of the requested direct training cost; i.e., instructors’ wages/tuition, curriculum development and manuals and textbooks. Other cash and in-kind contributions from the business that contribute to the training program should also be disclosed. An in-kind contribution is a non-cash contribution of goods or services provided by the business.

Examples include: wages paid to trainees during the training period, equipment purchased to be used in the training project, manuals and textbooks, curriculum development, facility usage and travel.

Once a grant award is received the business must maintain adequate financial records of the training expenses and reimbursements associated with the Incumbent Worker Training Grant and keep them for a period of at least five (5) years.

What kind of reporting is required once a grant is received?

During active training, forms (via simple forms provided electronically to the company) are submitted by the business to CareerSource Florida. The Trainee Information Form includes trainees’ names, dates of birth, social security numbers, job titles, trainee wages and dates of training. The Cumulative Monthly Expenditure Form shows expenditures for that reporting period as well as to date – this form is used to request reimbursement of expenses.

At the six month of approval the business will be required to submit a report if 50% of the award has not been reimbursed and 50% of the trainees have not been trained. At the end of the project, the business will be required to submit a “Final Report” form to close out the grant. This form allows the business to provide feedback on how their training project went, as well as how the IWT Program might be improved.

Incumbent Worker Training Program Grant Assistance – CVG Strategy

CVG Strategy will help you with the grant application and assistance to manage the paperwork to process training conducted for ITAR, Quality Management, Training Programs, and MIL-STD-810 courses which qualify for Incumbent Worker Training Program Grants.

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