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Test Program Management  requires focus and attention to detail.  CVG Strategy’s experts have many years experience providing Test Program Management services for our clients’ product testing.  Our services can vary from plugging in to your engineering team as a subject matter expert on EMI/EMC, dynamic, climatic, and product safety standards to managing your qualification program at a test lab.  We have extensive experience in both commercial and defense applications.

The Value of Test Program Management

Test program management is essential for product development teams that have complex test requirements.  This would include defense products and safety critical applications that require significant reliability verification.  Such test processes require a project manager with knowledge of the standards involved, experience in electrical, EMI/EMC, climatic, and dynamic testing, the ability to create test plans tailored to the specific requirements of the product, and ability to work with multiple test facilities.

Test Planning Requirements

Test planning requires a weighing and balancing of established priorities and requirements.  Firstly a defined list of test requirements should be established complete with a list of specific environmental criteria and issues.  This can, for environmental issues , often be accomplished by conducting a Life Cycle Environmental Profile per MIL-STD-810 to identify and characterized all environmental stressors likely to be encountered by the product in its life time. 

Key anticipated product vulnerabilities should be identified so that testing can determine is design modification is required as early in the test process as possible.  At this point, a test strategy and sequence can be formed and the required test documentation including test plans created.

Significant consideration should be given to hardware requirements for the the testing phase.  These would include vibration fixture design, requirements for simulation and monitoring equipment essential for operational testing and susceptibility detection.

Test Program Execution

To conduct effective testing, the testing team must be fully aware of the procedure, parameters, and tolerances required for the testing activities.  This involves a review of the test plan with laboratory personnel to verify that all required equipment is available and that all required data to be recorded during the test is captured.  A review of operational testing to be conducted during test should be conducted along with establishment of the specific pass/fail criteria for the equipment to be tested.

Once a test has been completed a detailed analysis of the test item is conducted to ascertain if any degradation has occurred.  If necessary initial troubleshooting an analysis can be conducted of a test failure so that as much significant data as possible can be relayed to the development team.  All test results and findings are recorded in regularly created test reports along with updated test schedule assessments. 

CVG Test Management Experts

CVG Strategy Test Management experts have extensive experience in commercial, aerospace, defense, and automotive product test and evaluation.  They have worked with numerous standards that apply to environmental and EMI/EMC testing.  They are adept at coordinating with product development teams to provide value added test programs that provide confidence in a products capabilities and reliability.

We can tailor a statement of work to include any number of tasks that might be required.  This can include:

  • Test Standards Technical Support for proposals and customer inquiries
  • Defining Test Requirements
  • Design of Simulation and Monitoring Equipment
  • Development of Required Test Fixtures
  • Development of Required Documentation
  • Test Scheduling
  • Onsite support
  • Laboratory Test Witnessing
  • Company represenative and advocate at Test Lab
  • Subject Matter Expertise
  • CVGS Technician Onsite four (4) trips per year (scheduled 2 weeks in advance) for 1 week

 Support Services

  1. Primary point of contact for Test Standards
  2. Maintain, monitor and track issues on program
  3. Respond to queries – Follow-up on open issues & Requests For Information (RFI) from client’s customer
  4. Active involvement in client bid & proposal support – interpret requirements documents
  5. Generate new Life Cycle Environmental Profile (LCEP) and Susceptibility Analysis per program.
  6. Test planning & coordination with Labs – RFQ for testing
  7. Prepare custom test plans
  8. Generate Post-Test (TSR) Test Summary Report

program management

Program Management – Kevin M. Gholston


  1. Program Manager and witness on over 200 individual tests in the past 5 years for clients
  2. Composed over 80 Test Summaries (original creation by CVG Strategy) for products tested
  3. Certified by Equipment Reliability Institute on MIL-STD-810G
  4. Technical experience with a multitude of electronic and electro-mechanical systems and sub-systems.

Program Management – Jamie Hamilton

  1. Program Manager and witness for commercial and military product testing
  2. Test Plan writing and development,
  3. Instructor for MIL-STD-810 webinar
  4. Over fifteen years experience in EMI/EMC, environmental, and product safety testing
  5. Troubleshooting and Test Analysis

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