RTCA DO 160 Aerospace Product Test and Evaluation

Aerospace Product Test and Evaluation

Aerospace RTCA DOD-160.

Aerospace RTCA DO-160 is managed and governed by the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA),.  The RTCA is a Federal Advisory Committee and develops  recommendations across the spectrum of aircraft concerns and issues.  Recommendations of RTCA are often used as the basis for decision making by both the government and private sectors.  

These recommendations provide a technical input for many of the Federal Aviation Administration Technical Standard Orders (TSO).  Although RTCA recommendations are of great importance, they are not to be regarded as governmental policy.  This is because the RTCA is not an official agency of the United States Government.

The RTCA DO-160 standard was first published in 1980.  It specifies test conditions for electronic hardware in airborne systems.  As such, it the standard for qualification of subsystems for the aerospace industry. 

Manufacturers of aircraft electronic equipment selling their products in the United States, Europe, and around the globe must meet RTCA requirements.

For a product to be qualified for flight, the appropriate Minimum Aviation System Performance Standards (MASPS) and Minimum operational performance standards (MOPS) needs to be reviewed.  Typically the test plans and testing must be conducted with an FAA Approved Designated Engineering Representative (DER) approving the plan and witnessing the test.

CVG Strategy Testing Services

CVG Strategy provides test and engineering services to the full suite of test categories outlined in the RTCA DO-160 specification.  Many labs that we have worked with both here in Florida and elsewhere in the Eastern US have the capability to run these tests, depending on the size of the test item.    CVG Strategy can prepare custom test plans for your product that will provide the basis for test severities, pass/fail criteria, and definitions of specific operational modes and characteristics of the test item.

CVG Strategy can provide a large array of services to assist you in your DO-160 test program including:



RTCA DO-160  Standard Procedures

RTCA DO-160 is comprised of environmental, electrical, and EMI/EMC procedures for components and subsystems for use in light general aircraft and helicopters.  It also is applicable for equipment for jumbo jets and SST (Super Sonic Transport) aircraft.

These tests is to determine provide evaluative criteria for the assessment of equipment’s ability to perform as specified when exposed to  environmental conditions representative of those that may be encountered in airborne operation of the equipment.

These procedures are defined in various sections of the international standard.  RTCA DO-160 environmental test criteria include:

  • Temperature and Altitude
  • Temperature Variation
  • Humidity
  • Operational Shocks and Crash Safety
  • Vibration
  • Explosion Proofness
  • Waterproofness
  • Fluids Susceptibility
  • Sand and Dust
  • Fungus Resistance
  • Salt Fog
  • Icing
  • Fire and Flammability

RTCA DO-160 electrical, and EMI/EMC test procedures include:

  • Magnetic Effect
  • Power Input
  • Voltage Spike
  • Audio Frequency Conducted Susceptibility-Power Inputs
  • Induced Signal Susceptibility
  • Radio Frequency Susceptibility (Radiated and Conducted)
  • Emission of Radio Frequency Energy
  • Lightning Induced Transient Susceptibility
  • Lightning Direct Effect
  • Electrostatic discharge

CVG Strategy Testing Services

CVG Strategy has the experience and knowledge to help you at any point in your RTCA DO-160 development and qualification program.  Contact us with your questions to see how we can add value to your test and evaluation program.

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