Product Evaluation for Test Programs

Once you have a defined LCEP, our experts can process an Environmental Product Evaluation.

This is a thorough examination of a product, with a goal for it to pass the environmental and dynamic testing as defined.  We will evaluate it specifically as defined in the LCEP and Product Test Plan (PTP) Matrix, and identify any areas of concern that may be able to have mitigation prior to beginning testing.   This is compiled and our deliverable is a formal report to include recommendations for improvement in order to support the PTP Matrix Parameters.  The Environmental Product Evaluation (EPE) Report is the deliverable, with many photos and diagrams, explaining potential issues and providing guidance towards solutions.

With an EPE Report, our clients use it as an input to their design review process and with changes to their design, have the best potential for passing their test program criteria.  Our experience in passing Test Programs adds considerable value to our client’s own test program and has yielded good results with over 400 tests passing since 2009.

We have many years of experience in designing new enclosure systems and resolving issues for electronic and electro-mechanical for Lockheed, L-3, Harris, DRS, Hughes, Boeing and many other tier one and tier two manufacturers.  Our Mechanical Engineer has land vehicle, aircraft and marine systems design experience.

Product evaluation analysis can help you prepare for testing, add to your design verification reporting and give you an unbiased third-party opinion to help you make your design better.  Our technical experts have designed, built and qualified hundreds of environmental enclosures. This experience will help you with sealing solutionis, gasket type and installation, adhesives and mechanical product improvements.

Environmental Product Evaluation (EPE) Report

  1. Objective
  2. System Overview
  3. Detailed System Description
  4. System Review
  5. General
  6. Coatings
  7. Mechanical
  8. RFI-EMI
  9. Welding
  10. Thermal Control
  11. Packaging Review
  12. Recommendations Summary
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