Product Evaluation for Test Programs

Product Evaluation for Test Programs Can Save Time and Money

Product evaluation before testing can identify potential design vulnerabilities and prevent costly retest and seemingly endless design modifications.  CVG’s team of experts have experience in climatic, dynamic, EMI/EMC, and product safety testing.  They can help you get your product to market and ensure that it operates as specified during its intended life cycle.

EMI/EMC Product Evaluation

The fact is that most EMI/EMC tests result in failures.  Design teams often have to go through multiple design iterations before achieving success.  Our EMI/EMC experts can provide a pretest analysis of a product to identify potential design shortcomings and provide appropriate modifications.  This prevents costly program delays and patchwork solutions.

Increased dependency on electronics and  wireless technologies in a large array of applications has created a greater threat of susceptibility issues.  These issues can cause operational failures of a product that can result in hazardous conditions.  A susceptibility analysis can be performed to  mitigate potential issues that could result in these failures. 

Our EMI/EMC engineers can provide a wide array of services to help you with your problems and questions.  We have experience in Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial, and Defense standards.  We can also work with you on IoT and Wi-Fi  issues.

Climatic and Dynamic Product Evaluation

Early evaluation of climatic and dynamic stressors likely to be encountered in a product’s life time is a requirement for developers in the defense sector.  It is also useful in the commercial sector where a product’s ruggedness and ability to perform as specified in all environments is essential.

This evaluation entails a thorough examination of a product through a Life Cycle Environmental Profile (LCEP).  This process identifies the environmental stresses likely to be encountered in all phases of its life time including logistical and tactical transport.  This provides and input into an Environmental Issues/Criteria List (EICL) which serves as a basis for design specification parameters and establishes test and evaluation severities and durations.

Once these pre-test evaluations have been conducted an Environmental Product Evaluation (EPE) can identify any potential design vulnerabilities that should be addressed before testing.  Identifying these issues as early as possible in the design process saves time and prevents costly retesting.

A Product Test Plan (PTP) Matrix can be then be produced that will identify relevant test methodolgies for the evaluation of the product.  This can also recommend a logical sequence for verification and validation of a products capabilties.  We can also sequence recommended testing based on expected environmental stress sequence.

Ingress Protection Evaluation

Providing ingress protection for products that can withstand environmental and EMI/EMC requirements can be a challenge.

CVG Strategy has extensive experience in designing new enclosure systems and resolving issues for electronic and electro-mechanical for Lockheed, L-3, Harris, DRS, Hughes, Boeing and many other tier one and tier two manufacturers.  Our Mechanical Engineer has land vehicle, aircraft and marine systems design experience. 

Our technical experts have designed, built and qualified hundreds of environmental enclosures. This experience will help you with sealing solutions, gasket type and installation, adhesives and mechanical product improvements.

Ingress protection can be performed to varying degrees.  Click here to understand levels of protection.

Compliance by Analysis

In many cases, testing requirements can be met or enhanced through compliance by analysis.  Such analysis can involve computer modeling and simulation, acceptance by similarity, or testing of coupon samples.  These types of analysis can also serve to identify design deficiencies early in product development and thereby streamline product to market schedules.

Other Types of Product Evaluation

CVG Strategy can provide a number of other types of product evaluation for test program to assist your product development.  Areas of expertise include:

  1. Coatings
  2. Mechanical
  3. Welding
  4. Thermal Control
  5. Product Packaging
product evaluation for test programs

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