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CVG Strategy EMI EMC Consulting Services offers a wide variety of services to help you reach your goals.  EMI/EMC is a challenge for any product development team.  We have the subject matter expertise to keep your project on track.

EMI/EMC Product Evaluation

Our EMI/EMC Consulting Services can perform a product evaluation at any point in your product development.  Often this evaluation is best performed early, to assess potential design deficiencies before you go to the lab.  We can then recommend design modifications to address those deficiencies. 

A properly designed product can often avoid patchwork fixes that add needless cost to a product.  It can also save repeated retests at the lab and help you have a compliant product on schedule.  Our engineers have decades of experience in a vast array of products in aerospace, automotive, defense, and commercial applications.  We provide can provide assistance to any size program and are available to assist you in any degree of project involvement. 

Susceptibility Analysis

Products in every product sector have increased reliance on electronics and radio frequency communication.  This is creating an radio frequency environment that is much denser across the spectrum.  In turn, this is creating a higher possibility of product susceptibility and communication protocol coexistence problems. 

Susceptibility to Electromagnetic Interference can cause abnormal operation of a product.  This can lead to conditions that could cause injury or death.  To mitigate potential product liability it can be advantageous to perform a susceptibility analysis and perform testing beyond that required for compliance. 

This is particularly important for products that are safety-related and must perform their functions as specified under all conditions.  Identifying these susceptibility and coexistence issues early can prevent product safety liability issues and increase customer satisfaction.

Susceptibility issues can also arise from electrical power issues.  These issues can arise from momentary fluctuations in input power caused by other equipment sharing a power bus, induced radio frequency interference, lightning strikes, or power source interruptions.  These potential issues can often be overlooked in product development and can cause serious problems that can arise in warranty issues and product safety concerns.  We can assist in providing design modification recommendations to power input circuitry that can protect your product from these vulnerabilities.

We also have experience in coexistence standards for Wi-Fi protocols.  These standards provide evaluation of a products integration of hardware and software to handle functionality in a variety of RF intensive environments.  This is of special importance to products with critical performance requirements.

EMI EMC Consulting Services

Subject Matter Expertise

Understanding EMI/EMC requirements can be daunting, especially when developing products for new market sectors.  Our subject matter experts have extensive experience in a wide range of commercial and defense product standards and can assist you in strategies to best get your product to market.  We can help you understand what is involved in specific test methodologies and how to best prepare for testing.

Preparation for EMI/EMC testing is of great importance.  Simulation and monitoring equipment should be fully capable of replicating all modes of operation and monitoring for abnormal behaviors during susceptibility tests.  Furthermore, all modes of operation should be defined and susceptibility pass/fail criteria should be established to characterize “normal operation”. 

We can aid in the development of simulation and monitoring equipment or assess current methods for suitability.  Our technical writers also provide a large variety of products to define your product evaluation.

Test Program Documentation

Proper Test Program Documentation is essential to properly conduct EMI/EMC testing.  A test plan documents operational characteristics of the Equipment Under Test (EUT) and describes any monitoring or simulation equipment used in evaluation.  It should also describe criteria by which susceptibility testing can be evaluated. 

CVG Strategy offers test plan templates for defense applications.  Our templates comply with MIL-STD-461 and are available for: MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-1399-300, MIL-STD-1275, and MIL-STD-704.  Custom test plans can be written for a variety of other standards.

We can also provide Product Test  Summaries that give an overview of the entire test and evaluation program.  This is a document that can be shared with customers to show due diligence while not divulging any proprietary information. 

Test Program Management

For companies who lack the bandwidth to run a complete test program, we offer test program management.  Our team of test and evaluation experts can manage all aspects of product testing including EMI/EMC testing. 

Our program managers can assess test and evaluation requirements, develop simulation and monitoring equipment, develop test documentation, schedule testing with test lab facilities, witness testing, and perform post test analysis and troubleshooting.  As your advocate we can track issues and communicate concerns in a thorough and consice manner and assist you in getting your product to market.

Test Witnessing

We also provide Test Witnessing Services.  Our test witnesses can review test plans with lab personnel, set up Equipment Under Test and any required monitoring or simulation equipment, monitor susceptibility testing, provide troubleshooting and analysis of any test failures, collect essential data, and act as an advocate for any questions that arise.  We can also accompany your company representative to provide assistance in trouble shooting and analysis during testing.

CVG Strategy EMI/EMC Consultants

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