ITAR Training Basics – For Compliance Executives

Have you taken boring ITAR Training Basics at US Government Seminars?

Hundreds of business professionals have attended our ITAR Basics Training and IT IS NOT BORING!  At CVG Strategy, our ITAR Training Basics One-Day Training Program is interesting, informative and actually helps companies improve their program with useful knowledge!  We can help you understand the basics with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Export Administration Regulations (EAR).

Did you learn enough to handle your company’s ITAR Program?

Do you need more information about US Export Regulations?

Understanding the 1,912 pages of United States ITAR and Export Control Regulations is not easy.  And, you don’t want to sit down and just start reading the rules! What you need is someone to explain the basics to you because you need to know what the rules mean before you start reading them!

This training webinar has just what you need.  It’s online and you can do it from your office, no travel required!  $795 per student for an eight-hour webinar!

We are happy to offer this one-day ITAR Training Basics One-Day Online Training Program designed to provide you with a solid basis to build your knowledge and expertise.  This live training webinar will give you and your employees who are new to export controls a jump start towards understanding and learning the very complex and lengthy US export control rules, regulations, and procedures.

ITAR Training Basics


Professionals new to export controls need to know which activities other than traditional exports are regulated. Knowing what factors can cause a license for export to be required before proceeding is essential in this field, as well as, knowing the key US Government agencies and which export regulations that could apply to your business.  Kevin Gholston, who has 20 years’ experience in US export controls, will give you all of that, and more.  And you will have time to ask him questions during the live training webinar.
We will teach you the law, the regulations, how to classify both ITAR and EAR articles, basics for a compliance program and finish with a business simulation using what you have learned.  CVG Strategy ITAR Training Basics.


Agenda – ITAR Training Basics

  • Introduction to US Export Compliance
  • ITAR & USML Introduction
  • EAR & CCL Introduction
  • USML Classification Basics
  • Lunch Break
  • CCL Classification Basics
  • Basics for Compliance
  • ITAR Business Simulation
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