Commercial Product Compliance Testing Consulting

Commercial Product Compliance Testing

A consumer product must be tested and certified by the manufacturer or importer to be in compliance with applicable standards for the specific countries the product is to be sold in.  CVG Strategy testing services can provide a wide range of services to help you through the maze of commercial product compliance testing with a variety of services to get your product to market.  While many standards can be harmonized for North America / Europe more extensive testing is often required for a product to meet a global market.

Test Labs can only provide a limited support to their customers as accredited qualification providers.  CVG Strategy bridges this gap by providing services to evaluate designs and offer solutions that break the cycle of design modification and retest.  We can also ensure that due diligence in evaluation has been conducted to avoid liability caused through product failures.

Product Evaluation for Commercial Product Testing

Product Evaluation can be performed at any point in the test program.  Often it is best to conduct this analysis prior to testing at the lab.  This can allow for identification of potential design deficiencies and give better confidence of passing tests.

For products that have specialized  requirements for reliability and must as specified in harsh environments, we can perform a Life Cycle Environmental Profile (LCEP) to identify environmental stresses likely to be found throughout the entire life cycle of the product, from manufacturing site to final disposal.  This process can provide insight into relevant test methodologies and severities that will return meaningful data on the durability of a product.

Commercial Product Compliance Testing

EMI/EMC Evaluation for Commercial Product Testing

Our EMI/EMC experts can evaluate your product for design deficiencies that would result in failures for compliance testing, thus preventing costly retesting and resultant design modifications.

For devices whose operation is safety critical, we can perform a susceptibility analysis to identify potential sources of interference that could result in hazardous operational failures and product safety liability.  We can then recommend design modifications and testing beyond required compliance testing to verify the products ability to operate as specified.

As more products that perform safety critical functions adopt wireless functionality, the ability of a device to coexist with other devices it shares bandwidth with in its environment becomes a concern.  For those devices, tailored test programs can be constructed.  This developing field of testing is being employed by manufacturers of medical devices.

Test Program Assistance

We offer a wide variety of services to assist you in your product test and evaluation.  Our experts can provide Test Program Management and Test Witnessing.  We have the experience to handle complex test programs and can act as your advocate to ensure testing is performed as specified.  We can then conduct post test analysis and troubleshooting that returns valuable data from testing.

We also offer documentation for test programs.  This includes writing test plans and test summaries.  Proper documentation is the backbone of any well instituted test program and ensures that appropriate testing is conducted, that it is performed as specified, and that essential data is collected.

Ingress Design Analysis

Often test results are not as expected and can require to product design modification to meet testing requirements.  This is often the case with ingress testing.  CVG Strategy product test consultants have specialized expertise ingress protection

We can provide design analysis and provide recommendations for gasket and sealing applications.  CVG Strategy can also witness testing to ensure that testing is performed as required.  Our experts can then provide on the spot analysis and troubleshooting to identify any test failures.  We have helped many clients successfully meet IEC 60529 requirements for their products.

HALT and HASS Commercial Product Testing

CVG Strategy has expertise in Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS). 

HALT testing is normally conducted early in product development.  It is used by many companies to minimize the possibility of costly warranty services and product recalls.  This testing uses vibration an thermal stresses in test to fail scenarios to quickly identify potential design problems before product release.

HASS is performed in manufacturing and production to identify process induced defects in lots of products before the leave the shipping dock.

Implementation of HALT and HASS programs can build customer confidence in your products and mitigate warranty, product recall, and product liability issues.  These test methodologies have been employed by many quality management systems to improve and maintain the quality of their products.

CVG Strategy Can Help

Our Commercial Product Compliance Testing consultants can help you in all phases of product development and product quality.  We are dedicated to adding value and maintain ethical standards in our work.  We are proud of our accomplishments and look forward to working with you.

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