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In order to help you with quick answers to your ITAR Question, CVG Strategy is offering this quick turn around service to all of our customers.

Get your ITAR question answered quickly to help you support your Export Compliance Program!

Only $75 Per ITAR Question or Issue

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ITAR Answers FAQ

I. Type your question. 2. Enter your email address and phone number. 3. Click Submit button. 4. Fill out the payment form. 5. Receive an email when your question is answered.

Type your question in the “Your Question” Box and submit.

We staff experts to ensure that we can answer your question within 24 hours. If for any reason you have not received a response, please call our office at 321-253-9791 x1001.

If you ask the question in the morning, you should have a response before the following morning. We strive to answer it that afternoon if possible.

Most questions are answered by two of our senior ITAR Experts, both of which have over 10 years of experience in the ITAR and EAR.

If you are dissatisfied with our response you can request a refund. Use the “Contact Us” form. Please be specific as to what your expectations were and why you feel you weren’t satisfied with what our experts provided. These requests are reviewed by our President and she will contact you directly.

Sometimes you need a quick answer and good resources are hard to find. This service is designed for you!

If the follow-up question is simply a clarification of the answer, we will respond and it will be included. However, if the follow-up question is outside the bounds of the original question, another $75 fee will be required.

We will respect your privacy and will not share your question or your contact information outside our company.