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ITAR Answers FAQ

1. Type your question. 2. Enter your email address and phone number. 3. Click Submit button. 4. Fill out the payment form. 5. Receive an email when your question is answered.
Write your question in the box, and supply any other information that the form asks for. Click “submit”. The next screen will be for payment. Once the payment screen is completed you will receive an e-mail confirmation immediately.
Not every question has a regulatory answer. Though rare, if none of our experts are able to answer your questions or give the proper guidance, then your money will be refunded upon request.
While most answers are provided within an hour of being submitted, due to the numerous scenarios and diverseness of U.S. Regulations and the individualized fact patterns, we cannot guarantee that all questions will be immediately answered. Questions will be answered within 24 hours of being posted, with most questions being answered within the hour. Our experts make a commitment to respond to the questions assigned to them within 24 hours. If an answer cannot be provided within said time, the customer is offered a full refund. Once you submit your question, our intake staff distributes your question to the appropriate export compliance professional who has the expertise to answer your question. Then, the expert reviews the question and either transfers the question back to us for it to be distributed to someone else or the expert takes ownership and agrees to provide an answer. Once an expert has accepted your question, you will be immediately informed. Once an expert answers your question, you will also be immediately informed, via email.
This is a dedicated service that is tailored to respond to United States ITAR and EAR Export Compliance Regulatory questions and give guidance to our customer. The experts are Certified Export Compliance Professionals (EcOP at ECTI) that are working full time jobs in their areas of expertise. We require our ITAR Experts to be maintain an active certification for both ITAR and EAR and use ECTI as our certification body with a minimum of five years experience in ITAR Consulting.
If you are dissatisfied with an answer, you can request for your money to be refunded. Your question and the expert’s answer will be reviewed by a senior management panel to determine if the answer merits a refund. Please note that you may not be happy with an answer due to the fact that the regulation may not support your position or activity. However, if the answer is correct and complete, the expert should be entitled to be paid for his time.
This site was created by subject matter experts in the ITAR & Export Compliance Field to answer only ITAR questions. We dedicate ourselves to providing correct and efficient answers and provide experienced guidance and practical best practice suggestions. None of the sites we have seen provide what CVG Strategy’s ITAR Answer Service does. That is, we are a straightforward uncompromised neutral site where quality ITAR and Export Regulatory answers are given by experienced professionals.
The initial question should not have a follow-up component to them. If you have a follow up question for a clarification of the answer supplied, then you are entitled to ask a follow up question so long as it is directly within the course and scope of the original question.
The only information we keep of you is your question, the answer and your email address. We do not keep any other information. We also strongly encourage your questions not to have personal information nor actual names. As to your email address, we of course need that in order to let you know when your question has been answered, or to inform you of the status of your question. Your paypal information or credit card information for payment is not kept by us.
If you ask a multi-part question, as long as it helps explain a single subject, that is acceptable. Or if the multi-part question is there in order to clarify the question goal, that is acceptable. But if the multi-part question is actually more than one subject that is more than an acceptable one-subject question, we reserve the right to answer the first part of the multi-part question only.

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