Independent Third-Party Test Witness


Having your tests conducted correctly is important, and that usually means having a company representative be the test witness at the test lab.

test witness

An option to having the expense of sending a company engineer to a test lab is to use a reliable third-party technician from CVG Strategy.  Our technical personnel are trained on the standards and have conducted many hundreds of tests themselves, on behalf of clients.

Test Witness Duties may include:

  1. Verify that Unit Under Test (UUT) is ready for test including outfitting and setup
  2. Conduct Functional pre-test UUT verification
  3. Review Detailed Environmental Test Plan (DETP) with Test Lab Representative and verify that all required pre-conditions, schedule and chamber settings are correct.
  4. Install UUT in chamber with Test Lab Representative and connect UUT to external systems for proper function.
  5. Monitor UUT during test, perform required “during test” operational and functional steps.
  6. Complete Witness Test Data Log
  7. Disconnect UUT from external systems
  8. Assist Test Lab Representative in removing UUT from chamber
  9. Perform Functional Post-Test operations verification
  10. Service UUT by replacing consumed items for subsequent tests
  11. Assist and coordinate problem resolution with client engineering team



  1. Unbiased and analytical testing support advocating for the client at the test lab as an independent test witness
  2. Reduces errors – Subject Matter Expert onsite to coordinate solutions
  3. Ensures that data collection and reporting is compliant with requirements in DETP
  4. Verification that test lab follows DETP by verifying compliant testing steps
  5. Testing Support is Local – speeds completion of program
  6. Client’s personnel not required to be onsite
    1. Saves Company from lost productivity
    2. Reduction in Travel Expenses

By having CVG Strategy provide an independent test witness for your program, not only will you be able to reduce the time (and expense) having your design engineers spending time at the lab but you will also benefit from having an unbiased expert perform your tests.

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