Quality Management Systems – QMS

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A Quality Management System directs a company so that it can optimize its performance through analysis and improvement.

NASA, the military and nuclear industries in the 1960s developed processes and quality control documentation systems in order to standardize.  They were interested in making sure that their own organizations had control of continuous improvement and could be evaluated by an outsider using a standard format.

Quality Management Systems-QMSThe original versions of Quality Management System (QMS) Standards (eventually merged to ISO 9001) were designed to contract manufacturers to produce better products, consistently and were focused on Producing, Checking and Control.

An increased focus on QMS has promoted a general perception that quality is about procedures and documentation.  The emergence of tools like 6 Sigma and Lean are interesting developments in the application of quality principles in business.  A QMS is fundamental to any activity and having a clear understanding of the five aspects, measuring performance and taking action to improve is essential to an organizations survival and growth.

Our experience with ISO 9001:2015 , AS9100D, ISO 27001:2013, AAR M-1003 and ISO 13485:2016 adds value to your implementation project as we are able to train, compose documents and provide guidance to your management team and support for all employees.  We have implemented both standards many times in both an internal project (personal experience) as well as in the consulting role.

CVG Strategy quality experts focus on processes and process improvement in all our work.  Understanding quality systems is a fundamental aspect of our work as consultants, helping our customers make their business run more efficiently and to improve customer satisfaction.

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