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Product Test Consulting Services

Our product test consulting services focuses on our clients’ most critical issues when it comes to product testing and evaluation.  We bring deep, functional expertise in a wide variety of test and evaluation sectors.   CVG Strategy has provided expertise in Product Test Consulting for over 15 years for consumer products, automotive, and defense goods.  We have worked major Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL), such as Element, NTS, MET Labs, Wyle and many others.

We understand how difficult it can be to navigate product regulations and requirements. We collaborate closely with our customers to help them understand how to meet the requirements of a given standard.  We also understand the additional costs in time and money that are incurred when a product fails an evaluation or test.  Because of this, CVG Strategy offers a wide variety of services to assist product development teams get their product to market.

Pre-Test Product Evaluation

We offer Pre-test Product Evaluation to identify and mitigate potential system design vulnerabilities before you go to test.  This can streamline your test and evaluation by preventing costly redesign later in the program and lessen the requirements for retest.

Compliance by Analysis

In many cases products can be assessed to be compliant by analysis.  Compliance by Analysis methods can also be used to identify potential design deficiencies early in  product development, giving ample time for required modification.

Product Reliability Testing

Product reliability testing assesses a product’s ability to perform all of its functions as designed throughout the entirety of its intended life.  This is essential for equipment that must operate in conditions of high environmental and dynamic stresses.  The goal of this testing is to identify potential reliability issues as early as possible so that designs can be modified prior to product release.

Product reliability testing is important in both commercial and defense product development.  Each market sector has unique approaches to achieving reliability.  For products designed for military applications MIL-STD-810 is a standard for developmental test and evaluation of a products reliability.

EMI/EMC Test Consulting

EMI/EMC testing presents challenging hurdles for product developers.  We can help by providing state of the art analysis of product at any time in the product test and evaluation cycle and provide design modifications that will provide solutions.

We can also provide susceptibility analysis that will help safeguard your product from faulty operation caused by radio frequency interference, electrical compatibility, and radio frequency communication coexistence issues.

Documentation for Test Programs

Documentation for a test program provides value by establishing criteria for testing.  This criteria may include methodologies of evaluation, severities of test, operational tests, modes of operation, and acceptable operation.

Proper documentation ensures that appropriate testing is conducted, that testing can be repeated, and provides analysis that is helpful for future designs.  The Department of Defense (DoD) requires test documentation for all defense acquisitions.

Product Test Consultants

Available documentation includes:

  • Life Cycle Environmental Profiles
  • Environmental Issues/Criteria List
  • Susceptibility Analysis
  • Test Matrixes
  • Test Plans
  • Test Report Summaries

Test Management Consulting

For businesses where bandwidth is an issue, CVG Strategy offers complete test program management.  Our test managers have decades of experience in a wide range of product testing protocols, both commercial and defense.  We can manage environmental, EMI/EMC, and product safety testing programs and act as your company’s advocate for the entire test and evaluation process.  We can provide analysis, create documentation, develop test fixturing, schedule testing, witness testing, troubleshoot and provide post test analysis.

Test Witnessing Consulting

CVG Strategy Test and Evaluation experts can provide test witnesses.  These services include observation of testing, oversight of test execution, advocating for your company in post test analysis, assuring that testing is performed as specified and that data is accurately recorded. 

Test Fixture Design and Construction

Test Fixtures are critical for dynamic testing such as vibration and shock.  A well designed fixture will provide repeatable testing and provide the required excitation to the product being tested without resonances or nulls.

To accomplish this, computer modeling is performed to the geometries of the unit under test.  Then evaluations are conducted to design a fixture that will provide a minimum of harmonic distortion over the bandwidth of planned testing.  We then construct a fixture or fixtures and ship them to you.

MIL-STD-810 Expertise and Education

MIL-STD-810 is the standard used by the Department of Defense for developmental testing and evaluation of climatic and dynamic environmental factors.  It is useful in the commercial sector as well where a rugged product is desirable.

This standard is comprised of twenty-nine test methodologies that include temperature, vibration, shock, low pressure, and immersion.  Because environmental stresses vary widely dependent of platform of intended use and global areas of deployment, procedure selection, severity, and duration must be “tailored”.

CVG Strategy has expertise in MIL-STD-810 and offers its services to defense and commercial product developers.

We also provide education in this complicated and evolving standard.  Our MIL-STD-810 webinars will allow you This often allows us to apply lessons learned to ease the product evaluation and certification phases of product development. Our goal is to get your product ready for product release in the shortest amount of time possible and to add value by ensuring appropriate testing is conducted properly.

Product Test Consulting Sectors

Our subject matter experts can help you with areas of special concern by applying their experience and knowledge.  Areas of special expertise include but are not limited to:

Put CVG Strategy’s Experience to Work for You

Companies of all sizes, from start up to established product developers, face challenges in product test and evaluation.  This can particularly be the case when a product is developed for a new market sector or expanding sales internationally.

Properly tested products prevent costly product recalls, product redesign, and product liability.  They maintain customer satisfaction and keep your company’s reputation in good standing.  Contact CVG Strategy to see how our testing services can assist your engineering team.

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