Compliance By Analysis

We can evaluate a product and the test reports of testing conducted on it and similar products, test plans and compliance documents and use this to produce a “Compliance by Analysis” report.

Compliance by analysis can involve any of the following:

  • Computer modeling and simulation – This testing is normally done early in product development to assess potential design vulnerabilities so that required design modifications can be undertaken as soon as possible.
  • Acceptance by Similarity – This method can be used where the product is nearly identical to products already tested, and there is no reason to believe that differences would pose environmentally induced problems.
  • Testing of Coupon Samples – In certain cases there can be significant savings by using coupon samples instead of entire systems.
compliance by analysis

Typically a compliance by analysis study will be conducted on a specific product (complete) with a review of the design verification and validation package, any current test results (in-house or external), and Life Cycle Environmental Profile.  Any test plans prepared for qualification will be reviewed, and all of this will be incorporated into a third-party review and report.  If specific areas cannot be justified, corrective solutions may be proposed on a separate memo from the report.

For each item on a Product Test Plan Matrix to be reported, we typically will provide the following:

A. Compliance by Analysis Report

  1. Requirement
  2. References
  3. Data
  4. Analysis
  5. Conclusion
  6. Safety
  7. Recommendation


B. Recommendation and guidance for testing or inspection by third party (if compliance by analysis not logical).  Findings from testing will be incorporated into a compliance report as listed in “A” above.

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