Subject Matter Experts in Product Test and Evaluation

Subject Matter Experts for Product Test and Evaluation

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CVG Strategy has Subject Matter Experts (SME) in a wide variety of product testing sectors. Properly designed and performed test and evaluation is important not only for meeting compliance and customer requirements, but is essential to prove due diligence. 
It also can serve to return valuable data and analysis essential for required product modification and future design.  We can help you achieve a high quality test program that provides value to your product development. 
Product testing is becoming more important as we become increasingly reliant on technology.   The reliance of electronics products increases the potential for susceptibility issues that can cause injury or death and result in product liability.  While standards grow in complexity, they generally lag behind cutting the edge technologies they regulate.

Product Testing for Defense Applications

Requirements for products designed for use by the military are intense.  Defense products must operate as specified in a wide variety of harsh environments and must meet stringent EMI/EMC limits for emissions and susceptibility.  CVG Strategy has extensive experience in both Environmental and EMI test standards and the testing required to meet those requirements.

MIL-STD-810 Environmental Engineering Specialists (EES)

This US DOD Standard is a primary means of assessing product reliability in the early stages of product development.  It emphasizes tailoring an equipment’s environmental design and test limits to the conditions that it will experience throughout its service life.  It is over 1000 pages in length and includes twenty-nine various test methodologies, each with a variety of procedures.  

Understanding and implementing this very important standard can provide an evaluative analysis of both commercial and military products.  Our experts can guide you through this unique tailoring process.  No matter what environment you need to simulate CVG Strategy can help.  Whether testing at extreme hot or cold, under water, salt spray, blowing sand and dust, thermal temperature shock, vibration, shock, or combined environments, we can provide the support needed to help you complete your project. 

We have four (4) major A2LA Certified (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation) Test Labs within a 2-hour drive from our Viera, Florida Headquarters. These labs have significant capability and available resources to get your test program completed on schedule. Our Subject Matter Experts are very familiar with these labs.

We can help you with simple qualification tests for a new product and have the capacity to manage major programs.  Typically we start with conception of a Life Cycle Environmental Profile (LCEP) and use that to generate Detailed Environmental Test Plans (DETP) both per MIL-STD 810.  We will manage the testing and serve as the on-site witness. 

When the testing is complete, our experts can analyze the certified lab test reports and generate test summaries which can be used for marketing and sales purposes.  Depending on your requirements, CVG Strategy Subject Matter Experts can be a valuable extension of your engineering department for environmental testing.

The Environmental Engineering Specialists at CVG Strategy have extensive experience in environmental testing.  We can provide test witnessing services to ensure test execution is in compliance with the client’s Test Plan and referenced standard.  Our extensive knowledge of current test and conformity requirements, both domestic and international, can assist you in your product assessment and define the proper requirements for your environmental test program to achieve maximum customer acceptance.

We also provide seminars and webinars about MIL-STD-810 to educate your product development team so that they can access this powerful evaluation standard.

Subject Mater ExpertsEMI/EMC Subject Matter Experts

EMI/EMC testing to DOD standards can present the greatest hurdle for product developers.  EMI/EMC  is an are of expertise that CVG Strategy has extensive experience in.  We can provide solutions for defense and commercial applications and can find the answers to your most daunting questions. 

Aerospace RTCA DO-160 Subject Matter Experts

CVG Strategy experts can guide you through the intricacies of Aerospace requirements.  We have extensive experience in testing products for commercial flight applications.  We have assisted many customers in test and evaluation to DO-160.  DO-160 defines a series of minimum standard environmental test conditions, (categories), and applicable test procedures for airborne equipment to establish a sufficient degree of confidence in product performance during operations.

Commercial Product Evaluation and Certification

Commercial Product Compliance is a rapidly changing field.  Requirements for the United States and various international markets are in constant flux.  CVG Strategy has experience in EMI/EMC, product safety, RoHS, and WEEE.  We can assist in getting your product sold in any market.  We can also recommend testing beyond compliance requirements to ensure a high confidence in product safety and mitigate potential product liability concerns.

Automotive Testing Subject Matter Experts

Requirements for bringing a product to market for automotive applications can be extremely complicated.  Environmental, EMI/EMC, and electrical tests are not standardized and vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.  CVG Strategy has experience in the automotive sector and can assist your product evaluation program.  We can provide guidance on best strategies to meet customer requirements and ensure a high confidence in your component’s product safety.


Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) can provide enhanced product reliability by using “test to fail” methodologies to identify weak links in a product.  Methods employed include thermal stresses, vibrational stresses, humidity and power cycling.

Highly Accelerated Screening Test (HASS) is used to screen manufactured products for process defects. This ensures that final product will meet specifications and that and defects will be discovered before the product reaches the shipping dock.

Our HALT and HASS experts can help you achieve a high level of product quality and reliability with their experience.

Ingress Protection Expertise

On the surface of it, providing ingress protection can seem an easy task, yet providing consistent protection that can handle environmental stresses and provide EMI/EMC protection can prove to be challenging.  Our subject matter experts can share lessons learned in this critical design task.  We have specialized knowledge and experience in ingress test methodologies including IEC 60529.

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