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Test plans are essential for a well executed test and evaluation program. They not only specify how the procedure is to be performed but include information specific to the item to be tested concerning modes of operation, safety shutdown procedures, definitions, and implementation of off chamber monitoring and simulation equipment, and criteria for evaluating “normal operation” during testing.  They also specify data to be gathered that can aid in post test troubleshooting and analysis, and ensure that the test is repeatable.

Most test standards call out for plans that include this information because it prescribes the tasks that test lab engineers must perform, provides criteria for evaluation of the test item’s operation, and allows the lab to make adjustments for any potential safety concerns that the equipment might present.

Many Aerospace, DOD, and Commercial standards are intended to be guidance documents.  In some specific methodologies, severities, durations, and pass/fail criteria must be specified.  If not specified a test item may well be over or under tested which undermines the validity of data returned from the test.

Properly executed testing is very important because, beyond compliance requirements, testing often evaluates the ruggedness, quality, and operational safety of a product.  Improper analysis of these important features can lead to warranty issues, product recall, and product liability concerns.  These are issues that affect customer satisfaction and your company’s reputation.

test plans

CVG Strategy Can Help

CVG Strategy has decades of experience in product test and evaluation in a wide variety of applications.  We understand the importance of test program documentation. We have two ways of helping our clients with test plans. 

  1. One is custom plans, which we have written hundreds over the years. These are composed and given to our client in MS Word, and serves as a base for them to use in the future.
  2. The other way for us to help is to provide licensed templates, pre-setup for particular platforms such as land vehicles, stationary systems, air craft mounted and commercial systems.  Our EZ Test Plan Templates helps resolve this issue for many customers, and does not require our involvement to customize.  This reduces the cost and timing to be utilized as they can be ordered and available within 24 hours via our E-Store. Environmental test plans are written in the format called out in MIL-STD-810.  EMI/EMC and electrical plans are written in the format specified in MIL-STD-461.  Addendums are provided for pertinent information about the item tested such as: operational modes, shut off procedures, simulation and monitoring equipment, functional and operational tests.  If customized test plans are not in your budget, then our EZ Test Plan Templates are an available alternative.

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