Shipboard Uncontrolled EZ-Test Plans Template

Test and Evaluation Documentation

Shipboard Uncontrolled EZ-Test Plans have been developed for evaluation of components designed for military shipboard applications for use in uncontrolled environments such as above deck equipment.




EMI/EMC and Electrical

The Importance of Proper Documentation for Test and Evaluation of Materiel for Shipboard Controlled Applications.

Shipboard Uncontrolled EZ-Test Plans have been constructed based on CVG Strategy’s experience in test and evaluation programs for materiel designed for military shipboard applications.  This experience includes environmental evaluation for U.S. Navy and Coast Guard systems.  CVG Strategy also has decades of experience in EMI/EMC and electrical compatibility testing for a wide range of military products.  We put our experience to work when creating this collection of Shipboard Controlled EZ-Test Plans in the selection of relevant procedures for this application. 

A properly designed test program begins with concise documentation.  This documentation ensures that a test program is properly conducted and returns essential information.  This documentation should provide clear instructions for test  lab personnel and test witnesses.  It should also include the performance of functional and operational tests, that simulate ground stationary operational usage and definitions of acceptable performance of the test item, and the capture of data essential for analysis and retest. 

A well designed test program can save time and money by detecting potential design defects before a product is involved in operational testing or deployment.  These delays can result in significant program costs and damage your company’s reputation.  When a test program is properly documented it can provide substantiation of due diligence and provide a basis for analysis should problems arise.

CVG Strategy

CVG Strategy has experience in test and evaluation for commercial, automotive, aerospace, defense, HALT, and HASS testing.  We understand how performing testing correctly can achieve real design verification and validation.  If you don’t find the exact test plan you are looking for we can provide custom documentation.  We can also assist with a large range of services including product analysis, test program management, and test plan witnessing.  Our expertise includes environmental and EMI/EMC testing.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

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