Product Qualification testing is performed to verify the design and manufacturing process, and it provides a baseline for subsequent acceptance tests.  Testing at this stage should be considered a part of Design Verification.

Product qualification testing may be conducted at the unit, subsystem, and system level on production grade articles and is completed before the item is transferred to production.   CVG Strategy’s EZ Test Plans are well suited for this type of testing.

Production or Design Validation Qualification Tests

Production or Design Validation Qualification tests are conducted to ensure design integrity over the specified operational and environmental range in accordance with customer requirements.  The tests are conducted on initial items made in the Full Rate Production (FRP) manufactured to the proposed production design drawings and specifications.

First Article Tests (FAT)

FATs consist of a series of formal contractual tests conducted to ensure the effectiveness of the manufacturing process, equipment, and procedures.   In many cases these tests and evaluations are completed in accordance with AS9100FAR Subpart 9.3 – First Article Testing and Approval