ITAR Badge Bronze Bundle for Visitors


ITAR Badge – Bronze Bundle [PN# ITAR-BB1]

The kit includes a handy visitor log book with a visitor protocol and procedure plus 8 eco-friendly badges and clips.  Badges consist of three types formatted for maximum effectiveness and control.  Included is the ITAR Visitor Log Book which ensures smooth and professional check-in of all visitors.  Very economical way to get started on your ITAR Security Program!

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Product Description

The ITAR Badge Bronze Bundle includes all that you need to enable convenient record-keeping of visitors to offices or any facility.

Includes a security protocol to ensure ITAR Compliance.


Visitor identification with an ITAR Badge is a vital part of today’s corporate world.  Visitor ITAR badges are crucial when it comes to creating a modern secure environment.  Whether it concerns commercial, government or public institution, proper identification of visitors streamlines day to day business processing and efficiency of the entire organization while protecting you from a serious ITAR Violation.

ITAR Badge Green Earth FriendlyThe ITAR Badge Bundle equips you to track your visitors’ record easily.  It includes a handy ready to use ITAR Visitor Log Book, 8 ITAR Badges for your visitors and a Visitor Protocol for your company.  These ITAR Badges are made from 99% PVC and are fully biodegradable; leaving no damaging toxins behind. A great solution for health- and earth-conscious organizations!

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  • Visitor log book set for ensuring smooth check-in of visitors
  • ITAR Badge is 3.375” x 2.125” and 30 mil. thick
  • Each ITAR Badge includes an earth friendly 2.75″ steel clip with a Phthalates-free strap
Item Quantity
Non U.S. Person NUSP (Foreign Citizens / Companies) 2
U.S. Person ER (U.S. Person Escort Required) 4
U.S. Person NER (U.S. Person No Escort Required) 2
ITAR Visitor Protocol and Sign-In Register 1

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Have questions about earth-friendly ITAR Badges? We have answers!

Why is an earth friendly ITAR Badge a good choice?

Protect you and your employees from a possible ITAR Violation during customer and vendor visits. ITAR Compliance is a serious program important to every US Company. While you protect your company, take a step toward protecting our planet with our bioPVC ITAR Badge. They maintain their integrity under normal, everyday use; they can get wet, be left on a shelf, left in a wallet, printed on, vacuum-formed, cut, embossed, and UV treated without breaking down. Biodegradation takes place only when the cards are in a fertile environment in which microorganisms are present.

  • ITAR Badge Dimensions: 3.38″L x 2.13″W
    • Each eco-friendly Visitor ITAR badge is numbered sequentially
    • Includes eco-friendly lapel clip for each badge
  • ITAR Visitor Protocol Sign-In Register
    • Wire coil bound 11 x 8.5″ high quality log book with 52 register pages (55 pages total)
    • 14 entries per page on 26 log pages
    • ITAR Badge Visitor Protocol (procedure) for visitors on every top page
    • Sign visitors  in, they acknowledge your Visitor Protocol
    • Log visitors in and log them out – keep track of who is inside your facilities
  • Basic Bronze Bundle Includes:
    • 8  x ITAR Badges
    • 8 x ITAR Badge clips
    • 1 x ITAR Visitor Protocol Sign-In Register book
    • Works well with CVG Strategy ITAR Signs!

ITAR Badges











Non-U.S. Person – Foreign Person or Company employee

This badge should be used for citizens of countries other than the United States or employees of companies not chartered in the United States.  The Department of State’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls and the Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security designates that these types of visitors should be restricted from access to ITAR or EAR controlled articles.

U.S. Person ER – Escort Required

This Escort Required badge should be used for citizens of the United States of America and would include U.S. Naturalized Citizens, Legal Permanent Residents (LPR) “green card holders”, and Asylum Protected Individuals.  All of these visitors would require an escort, based on company policy for safety and confidentiality.

U.S Person NER – No Escort Required Badge

]This No Escort Required badge should be used for citizens of the United States of America and would include U.S. Naturalized Citizens, Legal Permanent Residents (LPR) “green card holders”, and Asylum Protected Individuals.  Typically companies use this type of badge for frequent known visitors including service providers, key vendors and family members of employees.

ITAR Visitor Protocol and Sign-In Register Inside ITAR Visitor Log


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