Training for Export Compliance – ITAR and EAR

Training for Export Compliance

Regular training for export compliance is more important than ever.  This is due to dynamic changes in export regulations and increased enforcement of those regulations.  CVG Strategy offers up to date training for Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).  Our classes are engaging, interesting, and informative.  Best of all these classes are available online so that you can get the training you need and maintain social distancing.

Changing Global Dynamics Effect Regulations

Changes are continually occurring in export compliance because of the current global situation.  During the Covid-19 crisis many emergency measures were put in place to ensure that vitally needed emergency supplies were available in the United States.  Additionally, actions by China, especially in regards to Hong Kong, are continuing to dramatically change trade in the Asian marketplace.

Increases in Enforcement of Exports

The prosecution of organizations and individuals responsible for breaches of ITAR compliance have been increasing.  These have included major corporations such as Boeing, Motorola, and Airbus.  Small businesses are under the scope as well.  Many are facing fines, imprisonment, and disbarment. 

The monitoring of end use of exports has increased since the 1990s with the Blue Lantern program.  Information from this program is reviewed by export enforcement agencies such as the Directorate of Defense Trade (DDTC).  The Bureau of Industry and Science (BIS) has also seen a raise in activity in enforcement. This at a time where increased scrutiny is being placed on technology exports such as semiconductors.

Training is Vital for Export Compliance Programs

The U.S. Government strongly recommends that businesses implement effective export compliance programs.  Failure to have an effective export compliance program can lead to increased fines and penalties if a violation of export regulations does occur.  Regular training for export compliance is part of a well managed program.  Contact us today to register for your webinar training.


Kevin Gholston

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