Military Product Testing – It is important!

When it comes to weapons and weapons systems it is highly important that these should also work in the heat of battle – verified by military product testing.

It is no good for our Warfighters if the US Military has spent many billions of dollars on military hardware and weapons systems if they fail to work, or stop working when a battle is raging on around the people trying to use the ineffective equipment.

Basically when weapons stop working then it puts the lives of US military personnel at serious risk. Whether it is a rifle too prone to jamming, a tank with defective armor, or a plane that cannot fire its missiles, the lives of forces personnel are been put in unnecessary extra danger. However such extra risks can be avoided by increased levels of product testing.

However these days firing guns, missiles, and rockets a few thousand times over on firing ranges and at still targets simply does not cut it in terms of effective product tests for the US military. Technology even more than basic mechanics or engineering is what makes modern weapons systems so effective and so destructive when they are operating as they should be. Computer hardware, software, and programs are what make the smart weapons of today work so well. For effective product testing the US military is best seeking the services of a MIL-STD-810 Military Product Testing Consultant.

Military Product Testing

A fully qualified MIL-STD-810 Product Testing Consultant, like the test engineers at CVG Strategy, will not only save the US military money, it keeps their personnel safer too. And they can help private industry keep their engineers focused on new products rather than sitting at a test lab.  These consultants are thorough in testing weapons systems and also the equipment designed to keep the pilots, sailors, and soldiers protected during battle.  Battlefield environments can be really hard to survive in, let alone fight in. Therefore the side that has the better protective equipment to go alongside superior firepower, and better weapons systems has the best chance of gaining victory. Modern service personnel have to be prepared to fight and win in harsh conditions that could include the use of biological, chemical, dirty, or nuclear weapons. Even if such weapons are not deployed US military personnel will have to fight in smoke, and potentially breath in lethal gases as tanks and other vehicles get destroyed and burn out.

The testing of protective equipment and gear is almost of equal importance as the testing of weapons to improve the prospects of surviving and eventually winning in battle. Protective suits and respirators aid survival when there is a great deal of pollution on the battlefield sometimes through the deliberate use of weapons, and sometimes as the consequences of weapons being destroyed in the fighting itself. Personnel can also put on armor and bullet proof vests to enhance their survival prospects.

Over all then it is a good thing for the US military to use the services of product testing consultants. Thoroughly testing both weapons systems and protective equipment will and does enhance the chances of the US military winning battles, and therefore wars.

Kevin Gholston

Kevin Gholston

Subject Matter Expert in MIL-STD-810, ITAR & Export-Compliance and Quality including ISO9001:2015, AS9100D and AAR M-1003

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