Susceptibility EMI/EMC Testing – Strategies

EMI EMC Susceptibility testing is the first and most important test in any program.

There have been frequent examples of product failures due to EMI EMC susceptibility issues in the news of late.  Failures like these can result in property damage, loss of life, product recall, and huge fines.  Toyota and Honda have recently had incidents with unwanted vehicle acceleration and braking that may have been caused by EMI EMC susceptibility problems.  Pacemakers have been linked to EMI EMC susceptibility faults that can cause a number of undesired symptoms to patients. Medical and Automotive industries, of course, are not alone. Avionics, communications systems, and military systems all share the same concerns of EMI EMC susceptibility.

As we surround ourselves with electronic devices, the threat that systems we rely on are at risk of failing to an extent which is irreversible and potentially fatal should give pause to designers of these devices.

This inherent liability of manufacturing electronic products in today’s market increases the importance of EMI/EMC, and ESD testing.  The role of testing can no longer be limited to achieving compliance to governmental regulations or customer flow downs but must be an important part of Developmental and Operational Testing & Evaluation.

The development of an overall test strategy in the early stages of product development and an understanding of the tests to be performed will help to identify potential areas of concern soon enough to be avoided or solved before they can derail scheduling.

EMI-EMC SusceptibilityResources should also be allotted for development of off-chamber equipment to simulate peripheral components and appropriately engage the equipment under test in a manner that will reflect performance of the product in the field.  This simulation equipment can also aid in monitoring during susceptibility testing and troubleshooting during emissions testing where transient susceptibility events can be difficult to observe and capture.  EMI EMC susceptibility is a challenge for everyone.

CVG Strategy Experts

Our experts at CVG Strategy have extensive experience in Environmental/Dynamic and EMI/EMC testing for a number of industries and products, both military and commercial.  CVG Strategy specializes in Independent Developmental Testing and Evaluation including development of Test Plans, Test Procedures, Test Witnessing and Troubleshooting.

CVG Strategy is a consultancy offering coaching, mentoring, training and program development focused on areas including Business Process Improvement, ITAR and Export Compliance, Cyber Security and Quality Management Systems.

Jamie Hamilton

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