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Consultants and Advisors at CVG Strategy – Our firm occupies a unique position in the world of manufacturing consulting and training.

Consultants and AdvisorsOur consultants and advisors specialize in assisting small- to mid-sized companies with capitalizing on opportunities in government contracting and enhancing business performance.  The CVG Strategy Team offers a diverse range of consultants and advisors whose expertise can be tailored to provide support for our clients’ projects. We have four major focus areas today.  One is Quality Management Systems, second is Test and Evaluation including our EZ Test Plans, and the third is ITAR and Export Compliance.  Our ITAR Store provides ITAR Signs and Badges to support our ITAR and Export Compliance Customers.

consultants and advisorsThe depth of a 20-year foundation of proven experience and established relationships makes CVG Strategy an asset to any organization that has a desire to grow in this challenging global economic climate.  We are committed to excellence and dedicated to providing personalized, high quality service for our clients.  Located on Florida’s Space Coast, CVG Strategy is a SBA 8a Certified Disadvantaged Minority and Woman-Owned Small Business.

When we work with a new client on Quality, we enable rapid implementation.  Everything we do as consultants is processed based.  Our Quality Experts have experience with ISO9001:2015, AS9100D, ISO 13485:2016, ISO 27001:2013 or Association of American Railroads (AAR) M-1003 and can readily deliver compliant procedures and work instructions.

In the past few years, our technical writers have prepared over hundreds of Test Plans for our client’s Test and Evaluation Programs.   Many customers retain our technical experts to serve as onsite witness at certified Test Laboratories to provide guidance and subject matter support.  Our experience in producing test plans has evolved into our new EZ Test Plan product line of test plan templates.

Our focus on ITAR & Export Compliance combines the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) and Bureau of Industry Security (BIS) Guidance with our recommended best practices and experience.    Our Consultants and Advisors provide ITAR Training, ITAR Audits and  ITAR & Export Compliance Manuals.  We have processed dozens of new ITAR Programs for companies and have a broad experience in this regulatory space which we offer our clients.

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Quality Training

Our Exemplar Global Certified Quality Experts provide the best public and on-site training seminars, workshops and quality consultation in the Quality and Inspection disciplines to customers across North America.  Our trainers are experts in their respective fields, leveraging the latest information and industry-standards to support and grow your quality and manufacturing processes improvement efforts. They speak from the heart and do not read scripts or read slides (don’t you hate that!).  Each  of our Quality Professionals are Exemplar Global Lead Auditor Certified in their respective standards and have not only prepared their own material, they have worked in companies prior to joining CVG Strategy as on of our consultants and advisors.

Quality Training Services include: Public Workshops, Customized On-Site Training, Auditing and Consulting, QMS Upgrade (new standard revision)

Test and Evaluation

We provide industry with expert subject matter support as specialized consultants and advisors in the area of product qualification testing.  Whether your needs are for advice which would contribute to a new design plan, to qualify an existing design, or to assist in executing a test program, our test engineers are available to help.  Subject Matter areas include (EMC) Electro-Magnetic Compatibility, (EMI) Electro-Magnetic Interference, Electrical Power (Vehicle and Shipboard), Dynamic (shock and vibration), and Envronmental (simulated – high/low temperature, rain, blowing sand/dust, and others).  The breadth of product experience includes shipboard, vehicles, fixed, aircraft (including drones), and space launch electronic and electro-mechanical sub-systems.

Our product testing engineers have worked with many manufacturers from the concept of their products with our Product Evaluation service to supporting them through the complex qualification testing required by modern commercial and aerospace standards.  Our technical expertise (through experience) allows us to help companies experience a smoother journey through the final testing and validation phase of their projects, reducing their risk and final cost of testing.  You will find that our consultants and advisors have an excellent track record and reputation at test labs all over North America.

Product Testing Serviced include: Product Evaluation, Program Management, Independent Test Witness, Test Plans, Compliance By Analysis

ITAR & Export Compliance

CVG Strategy’s consultants and advisors are recognized as one of the leading providers of export and import compliance services.   We support companies that are new to U.S. export compliance laws and regulations as well as defense contractors that require a high level of expertise and experience.   Criminal ITAR penalties can reach up to $1 million and 20 years in prison per violation. On top of hefty fines and potential prison time, ITAR violations can also result in your products being seized and export privileges revoked.

Let our ITAR consultants and advisors help you resolve your compliance program.  We have the expertise, a well defined ITAR & Export Compliance Program Manual (ITAR Manual), training materials and our consultants and advisors are trained and certified.  There is no “ITAR Certification” as there is no national or international certifying body.  But there is ITAR Compliance, and we have helped dozens of companies attain that goal and be able to mitigate their risk of a costly violation of the ITAR or EAR Rules and Regulations. ASK ITAR QUESTION

ITAR Consulting includes: Compliance Programs, Audits and Assessments, Training, Non-US Company Consulting, Transactional Analysis and Guidance, Voluntary Disclosure, Technology Control Plan, Deemed Export License, Article Export Classification

Business Operations

Working with the a business operations consulting firm can help a business operate more efficiently, effectively, and profitably. Our consultants and advisors consultants have delivered millions of dollars in sustainable operations improvements for our clients. Making the important decision about which business operations consults and advisors to work with is critical, and we have the reputation and experience to help you.  Our reputation speaks for itself, when you evaluate our service offering against others, talk to our reference clients and they will confirm that our consultants and advisors are the real thing.

Business Operations Consulting includes:  Competitive Intelligence – Market Studies,  Process Improvement, Merger and Acquisition Audits

Quality Training

Quality Training

We can help with training, coaching, developing a new quality manual and upgrades to a new standards.  Our Exemplar Global Lead Auditors are experts with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 with FDA, and AAR M-1003 (American Rail Roads).

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Product Testing

Product Testing

Since 2009 we have conducted over 400 client tests focused on MIL-STD-810, RTCA DO-160 and IEC 60529 (and others). Our experts assist with test program development, test plans, third-party witness and coordination at the test lab.

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ITAR & Export Compliance

ITAR & Export Compliance

Our ITAR Compliance Specialists can help support your ITAR (International Trade in Arms Regulations) and Export (Export Administration Regulations) Compliance Program with Training, Coaching, Mentoring and outsourced subject matter support.

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CVG Strategy helps companies achieve more definitive results by having a clear understanding of how they want to test their product.

ITAR Expert

Cindy Gholston and CVG Strategy ITAR Experts helped us implement our ITAR & Export Compliance Program, painlessly.

ITAR Training Seminars

ITAR Training Seminars Online

VIERA, FL USA – June 9, 2017 – CVG Strategy, a trusted name in ITAR and Export Compliance consulting and training announces new ITAR Training Seminars for 2017.  CVG Strategy has been providing ITAR training seminars now for over 6 years and is adding more online web based training seminars. CVG Strategy is hosting several […]

EMI Testing

EMI Testing is tough. Are you Prepared?

EMI testing is always a challenge but  preparation  can make your task easier. EMI testing is an important part of your product development.  Successful EMI testing  of course can provide compliance to relevant standards.  It can also ensure your product is not susceptible to interference that can cause damage, injury, or product recalls. Most EMI […]

Test Witnessing

Test Witnessing Adds Value to your Evaluation Program

The importance of Test Witnessing is often overlooked by many engineering teams. Effective test witnessing of each individual product test or during a product test program is the best way to maximize the value returned on investment.  Testing can be expensive.  It is important to get maximum value for your company’s investment. If a product […]

EMI-EMC Susceptibility

EMI EMC Susceptibility – Strategies

EMI EMC Susceptibility testing is the first and most important test in any program. There have been frequent examples of product failures due to EMI EMC susceptibility issues in the news of late.  Failures like these can result in property damage, loss of life, product recall, and huge fines.  Toyota and Honda have recently had […]

us person definition

US Person and Foreign Person Definitions Released by CVG Strategy

VIERA, FL USA – December 8, 2018 – CVG Strategy, a trusted name in ITAR and Export Compliance consulting and training announces its release of detailed US Person Definition and Foreign Person Definition for use by ITAR Compliance Executives.  CVG Strategy, a provider of ITAR training seminars, consulting and training for over 8 years and […]

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ITAR Restrictions on Arms

ITAR Restrictions on Firearms Sales are Reduced

The United States has eased ITAR restrictions effecting American gun and ammunition manufacturers allowing then to have an increased capacity to reach a larger customer base without as many restrictions on the export of their products.  This will allow Arms sales from the United States to grow, and expand its share of the international small […]

Product Test Standards

Product Test Standards and Specifications

Using Product Test Standards to Develop a Test and Evaluation Program There is a seemingly endless amount of product test standards and specifications.   These documents set criteria for compliance, provide guidance for evaluation, and sometimes assist in the development of analysis and test programs of both commercial and military products.  They are all constantly evolving as […]

ITAR Training Seminars

CVG Strategy Fall 2018 ITAR Training Seminars

CVG Strategy Announces Fall ITAR Training Seminars VIERA, FL USA – August 17, 2018 – CVG Strategy, a trusted name in ITAR and Export Compliance consulting and training announces new ITAR Training Seminars for Fall 2018.  CVG Strategy has been providing ITAR training seminars now for over 8 years and is adding more online web-based […]

Using your QMS

Using Your QMS For Your Company

Using Your QMS for your company, this is critical to it being effective! Please remember that your Quality Management System should be designed to improve your processes and improve the satisfaction of your customers.  It is up to your management team and senior leadership to identify the strategic direction of your company and align the […]

Corrective Actions

Corrective Actions – Make them Work For You

 Corrective Actions provide Opportunities for Improvement! One of the most overlooked areas of the QMS for increasing profitability is to implement a process to control corrective actions. Some business leaders see this process as unnecessarily complicated and time consuming, but this is often because it is excessively used on small problems that do not need […]

Opportunities for Improvement

Opportunities for Improvement – Internal Audits

Opportunities for Improvement are tied to effective Internal Audits and Management Review. Companies must strive to identify Opportunities for Improvement in many ways, the biggest opportunity is through its Internal Audit with a critical review in the subsequent Management Review meeting.  Many in management view their internal audit program as a waste of resources that […]

Quality Objectives

Quality Objectives – Use to Drive Improvements

Quality Objectives must be established for your QMS and be measurable and reasonable for your company. The use of quality objectives to drive improvement is not new to the ISO 9001:2015 requirements.  Quality objectives, which are one of the best ways to focus the improvement activities within your company, have been included in the QMS […]

risks and opportunities

Risks and Opportunities – Making Plans to Address

Risks and Opportunities are managed on a daily basis at every company. Everyone evaluates risks and opportunities every time they make a decision.  It is all about weighing the probability of a positive outcome versus the impact or cost of a negative outcome from an action taken. An addition to the ISO 9001:2015 requirements, compared […]

ITAR Export Compliance Regulations

ITAR Export Compliance Regulations

ITAR  Export Compliance is an important set of regulations and laws that apply to every business both in America and all over the world, according to the U.S. Government. ITAR Export Compliance regulations are always available from CVG Strategy. ATF, Customs, EAR, OFAC, FTR, HTSUS & ITAR Export Compliance Current documentation links ATF ARMS IMPORT […]

Context of the organization - navigate

Context of the Organization and ITAR Compliance

Context of the organization and ITAR Compliance utilizes this new requirement in ISO 9001:2015 for companies to conform to the ITAR.  As the subsequent updates to other ISO Standards are released this will be integral to all new Quality Management Systems.  It is about stating how an organization must consider both the internal and external […]

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