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CVG Strategy’s Quality Management Consulting team can help your organization implement Integrated Management Solutions to address a variety of risks.  These risks might include those associated in maintaining customer satisfaction, information security, and regulatory compliance.  These risks and requirements vary from organization to organization and therefore require a detailed tailored approach.

Integrated Management Systems

An Integrated Management Systems (IMS) approach incorporates multiple processes into a single framework that allows management to oversee, coordinate, and direct all the organizations risks, opportunities, and objectives.  This is becoming increasingly important as organizations face a growing number of risks and opportunities in today’s world.  As managements responsibilities grow so does the need for a harmonized system for governing those responsibilities.

This integration prevents programs from becoming disassociated or even work counter to each other.  It allows for streamlining of policies and processes and creates a mechanism for management to review the performance of the entirety of the organization through a single mechanism.

Growing Complexities in Business

Today’s business world provides many  opportunities for growth, with advances in technology and opening international markets.  However, with these opportunities, additional risks are present.  Technology advances have increased organizational vulnerabilities to cyber attacks and export regulations for the United States and other nations are increasing in complexity.  Additionally, environmental concerns are giving rise to growing requirements at the federal, state, and local levels.  

Today’s business environment requires more than mere compliance to regulations.  Customers, investors, and other third parties are looking to engage in organizations that exhibit responsible proactive approaches to these challenges.  This is because individuals and organizations cannot afford to interact with businesses that do not protect sensitive data, or display negligence in the conduct of their activities. 

Management System Solutions

In recent years, numerous management standards have been released to address specific areas of concern.  These standards address, among other issues, product and service quality, information security, regulatory compliance, environmental management, and energy use management.

Because these standards, which are published by the International Organization for Standardization, follow a harmonized clause format they can, when properly implemented work together.  This integration provides mechanisms for a Plan, Do, Check, Act methodology that allows organizations to perform risk management and achieve continuous improvement in all areas of concern.

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Quality Management Systems (QMS)

Quality Management Systems (QMS) are available for a number of industries.  The standard that is applicable to the widest scope of products and services is ISO 9001: 2015.  This standard provides a systematic approach for meeting the need of customers and stakeholders while meeting regulatory requirements.  

Other quality systems provide these same benefits while addressing specific needs of a particular industrial sector.  Examples of these management systems are:


AS 9100D addresses the requirements for the aerospace and defense sectors.  While including all the features of ISO 9001, it includes provisions for among other things:

    • Product Safety
    • Emphasis on risk assessment in operational processes
    • Human factors in the work environment
    • Reinforcement for individual awareness of product and service quality and safety
    • Measures to prevent the introduction of counterfeit parts into the supply chain

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 (ISO/IEC 27001) helps organizations treat data security seriously and confidently.  It is implemented through documented systems and processes that are designed to guard against the risk of security breaches or misuse of data while ensuring compliance to legal requirements.  The ISO 27001 2013 (Information and Data Security) standard is used as a basis for an ISMS (Information Security Management Systems).

ISO 37301

ISO 37301:2021 is an international standard that can help establish and maintain a culture of compliance within an organization. It can also extend these expectations to interested third parties. Application of this standard can provide a basis for a sustainable organization by helping it meet its regulatory obligations.

Since ISO 37301 is structured along the same lines as ISO 9001:2015 it can be harmonized with an organization’s existing Quality Management Systems (QMS). While compliance functions are maintained independent from other functions, ISO 37301 compliance management can be integrated with other management processes.

Information Security Management Systems

The protection of sensitive data is of growing concern for organizations in both the public and private sectors.   Cybersecurity cannot be adequately addressed through IT security controls alone.  Effective protection must address the needs and cooperation of all involved parties.  Additionally it must include ongoing risk assessments to address evolving threat profiles.

ISO 27001 serves as basis for the creation of an effective cybersecurity framework.  Because it is internationally accepted and applicable to organizations of all sizes it allows for parties working together to establish coordinated cybersecurity goals and processes.

Regulatory Compliance

While most management system standard incorporate means for including regulatory compliance in their scope, ISO 37301 is specially designed to address this issue.  It stresses the development of a culture of compliance, integrity, transparency, and accountability.  As such it is well suited for complex sets of regulations where compliance programs are a requirement.

Export controls regulations is such an example.  Organizations whose products or services fall under the control of either the International Trade in Arms Regulations (ITAR) or the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) must have viable compliance programs to avoid violation of federal law. 

CVG Strategy Quality Management Consulting

CVG Strategy’s Quality Management Consulting team has decades of experience in implementing, coaching, training, auditing, and maintaining management systems.  Our team has the advantage of personal involvement in business operations in a variety of sectors.  We also have experience in information security management and export compliance.

This advantage provides us with the vision to create integrated management systems that yield effective solutions for our customers.  Contact us to see how our consulting services can create a tailored program that addresses your organizations specific requirements.

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CVG Strategy provides expertise to businesses in Quality Management, Product Test and Evaluation, Cybersecurity, and Export Compliance.  Learn more about how we can help your organization by contacting us today.

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