EMC Test Plans, A Requirement for Proper Testing

EMC Test Plans

EMI/EMC Test Plans

EMI/EMC Test Plans are important in preparing for your trip to the lab.  The test plan should communicate all relevant information about testing requirements and the nature of the system to be tested.  This will allow the test laboratory to sufficiently assess the requirements needed to complete testing.  These requirements include: size of chamber, number of antennae positions, numbers of cables to be tested, power supplies, and specific measurement and susceptibility equipment.

Equipment Modes of Operation

Representative functionality is a requirement in EMI/EMC testing for both commercial and military applications.  The EMI/EMC test plan should include a description of all modes of operation that the Equipment Under Test (EUT) is to be tested.  The plan should also provide a description of all peripheral and support equipment required to attain this functionality. 

A description of the EUT’s normal operation should be defined  for susceptibility testing.  This description should include any accepted deviations from normal operation so that an assessment can be made in evaluation of susceptibility.

EUT Safety During Operation

EUT operation can often lead to potentially hazardous conditions.  The test plan should notify the lab if any potential hazards are posed by the equipment to be tested.  This will allow for any precautionary measures to be made ahead of time.  Because susceptibility testing can produce unforeseen equipment malfunctions, the EMI/EMC test plan should also include emergency shut down procedures.

Standard Specific Requirements

Every standard will have requirements for EMI/EMC test plans.  These include: product identification, description, power requirements, cable requirements and descriptions.  Certain standards, like MIL-STD-461, have very detailed EMI/EMC testing requirements and require specific information to be present in the test plan.  

The Value of Proper Test and Evaluation Documentation

Product Test and Evaluation is a critical step in any product development program and a sizable investment of resources.  Properly prepared test documentation will help ensure that the testing performed will both verify and validate a product.  Test plans are essential for proper execution of a test by defining tasks to be performed by both the test facility and the test witness.  They also provides the necessary information for the lab to create a viable Test Report which is a necessary record of your product’s conformity to applicable requirements.

CVG Strategy Test Plan Templates

CVG Strategy offers Test Plan Templates for EMI/EMC and Electrical Compatibility Testing.  These plans have been developed for MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-1275, MIL-STD-1399, and MIL-STD-704.

EMI/EMC and Electrical Test Plan Packet

  1. Test Plan Template (protected PDF).  This document provides essential information concerning: Equipment Under Test (EUT) set up, execution of each procedure, pass/fail criteria, and tolerances per the relevant standard.  All test plans are written per the requirements of DI-EMCS-80201C.
  2. Test Plan Addendum (Word Document).  This document is to be completed by the customer.  It addresses equipment to be tested specific information including:  EUT Description, EUT Set up, Modes of operation, and Performance Checks.
  3.  Test Lab Data Sheet (PDF form).  This document is used to document procedures to be performed and essential test parameters.  It also documents test facility report requirements per DI-EMCS-80201C.
  4. Test Label (Word document)  This label is to be used to identify the test performed in photographs.
  5. Tests to Be Performed (PDF form).  This form communicates to the test facility all test procedures to be performed during test sequence.
  6. Procedure Specific Worksheets (PDF form).  These worksheets are included where appropriate to assist the test witness in recording test events.

CVG Strategy

Our experts at CVG Strategy have extensive experience in EMI/EMC.  We can provide requirement analysis, write EMC test plans, perform test witnessing, and provide troubleshooting and analysis of EMI/EMC test failures. 

We also have expertise in Environmental testing and evaluation of product design in a number of industries and products, both military and commercial.  CVG Strategy specializes in Independent Developmental Testing and Evaluation including: Development of Life Cycle Environmental Profiles, Test Plans, Test Witnessing and Troubleshooting.

CVG Strategy is a consultancy offering coaching, mentoring, training and program development focused on areas including Business Process Improvement, ITAR and Export Compliance, Cyber Security and Quality Management Systems.

Jamie Hamilton

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