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The government of Canada has specific Controlled Goods Program (CGP) Cloud Solutions requirements for individuals or organizations that possess or transfer controlled goods and associated technical data.  Technical data includes drawings, blueprints, software, or technical documentation that could be used or adapted for military or space end use.  Cloud service providers that provide storage or processing and/or processing of technical data associated with controlled goods must register with the Controlled Goods Program.

This requirement makes it a requirement for storage of data on servers located in Canada unless licensing requirements have been met through Global Affairs Canada.

Responsibility for Data Security

Organizations registered in the CGP are responsible for determining what cloud solutions are appropriate for their applications.  As such, it vital that monitoring and regular risk assessments be taken to ensure that adequate and appropriate security controls are in place.  Guidance for conducting these risk assessments can be found at Guidance on Cloud Security Assessment and Authorization.

When selecting a cloud service provider, organizations should understand what security controls are provided.  They should then assess requirements for any additional security controls to mitigate any residual risk of unauthorized access to data.

Restriction of Access

The underlying purpose of data security is to restrict access of data to individuals who have been security assessed as detailed in section 15 of the CGP.  Organizations should ensure that data stored on the cloud is made available through secure connections such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN) or Transport Layer Security (TLS).  Dual authentication mechanisms and proper password policies should be employed in conjunction with these solutions.

Encryption Requirements

Controlled goods technical data stored on the cloud should by encrypted.  The Government of Canada recommends U.S. Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 for appropriate end-to-end encryption.  The use of phishing resistant authentication controls are also recommended.

Export Compliance Security Plan

A documented security program is required for organizations registered in the CGP.  These security plans should include specific information relating to data storage.  This includes, the security employed by the cloud provider, additional controls implemented by the organization’s information security management team, and any other measures or processes incorporated to manage residual risks.

Differences in Canadian and U.S. Requirements

These cloud service requirements contrast with requirements in the United States for the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).   The current ITAR requirements (§ 120.54) allow for storage of unclassified ITAR technical data on foreign servers if end to end encryption compliant with the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) requirements.

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