Business Operations – Optimizing Assets

Business Operations Improvement

Business operations improvement can be achieved by optimizing the use of the assets in an organization’s operation, both tangible and intangible.  This optimization is the product of creating and implementing advanced strategies and processes. 

As a result, an organization can realize reduction in the time and resources required to develop and deliver products.  This results in reduced labor costs, inventory, and manufacturing time without a reduction in quality.  It also provides opportunities for increasing market share.

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Achieving a Competitive Edge in a Global Economy

It has become increasingly difficult for small businesses to remain competitive in a global marketplace.  There has been a substantial market share lost by U.S. companies over years to foreign competitors.  No industry, product, or service is immune to this change in market place competition.

It is a challenge for operations management in small to medium enterprises to undertake major changes while maintaining the many moving parts of day to day business demands.  Utilizing the expertise of a consultant can provide the perspective necessary to formulate strategies to accomplish long term goals. 

The primary focus is of these strategies is the streamlining facilities, systems, processes, and organizations.  It is therefore important to develop communications between departments and employees to find new approaches to reaching goals.  This promotes by in to new processes and encourages all stakeholders to assume responsibilities in achieving and maintaining a competitive edge as a business evolves.

Business improvement can also include the incorporation of appropriate technologies to enhance employee potential, automate processes, and provide data and analytics essential for continuous process improvements.

Essential Steps Towards Business Improvement

In smaller organizations processes often evolve to meet the requirements of the business when is was started.  These processes, are in many cases, not clearly defined or documented.  An initial requirement is to identify and evaluate these processes.  Once this has been accomplished a study of how all the working parts work together can be started.  This provides an overview of organizational deficiencies and opportunities for improvement.

Similarly, an analysis of assets both in terms of personnel and physical assets can be conducted to find means to optimize their potential and efficiencies.   Finally planning, procedures, and processes can be constructed and to accomplish these goals through the involvement and feedback from all contributors to the enterprise.

Rising to the Challenges

Industries in all sectors are having to rethink their enterprises across the board.  These changes include ensuring that their workforce is sufficiently skilled, implementing information security management systems, securing supply chains, and incorporating integrated systems of automation.  To be certain, industry in every sector is in the midst of a rapid and unprecedented paradigm shift. 

There are no easy solutions to  the challenges that enterprises now face.  Business improvement strategies must be tailored to the specific requirements of an organization.  This includes consideration of the business’s competitive landscape, and unique culture.  Given the pace of change in manufacturing today those that fail to change may not be able to continue in business.

CVG Strategy

Whether you are a discrete product or process manufacturer, make-to-order or repetitive, CVG Strategy can help you increase your competitiveness by reducing throughput time, reducing lead times, reducing costs, increasing capacity, increasing flexibility, reducing inventory, and increasing quality, through selection and implementation of an effective manufacturing strategy for your company.


CVG Strategy can improve your business operations through optimization of assets. Our consulting firm specializes in working with small to medium-sized manufacturing companies.  Our experts have extensive experience in managing small and medium size business operations.   We believe that having honest input from an experienced consultant can help you improve your business operations.

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