Test Witnessing Adds Value to your Evaluation Program

The importance of Test Witnessing is often overlooked by many engineering teams.

Effective test witnessing of each individual product test or during a product test program is the best way to maximize the value returned on investment.  Testing can be expensive.  It is important to get maximum value for your company’s investment.

If a product fails during a test, how do you know if it was a true product failure or actually the result of an overtest or undertest condition at the test lab if you are not present?

Product testing for commercial or military products requires a considerable investment in time and money.  Getting the most out of product testing involves more than a report with a pass/fail status.

Test witnessing is often applied when a thorough independent evaluation of a product is required.  Proper test witnessing ensures that test procedures are performed as specified and that any deviations or anomalies are avoided and mitigated where possible.  When failures are encountered, extensive data recovery, determination of possible overtest, and troubleshooting possible causes of failure are invaluable, if you are onsite and able to take action.Test Witnessing

In the lab setting, time is a precious commodity.  Delays due to lack of preparedness, quirky UUT (Unit Under Test) operating issues and vague test procedures are common and can be addressed by having a test witness at the lab.  During the course of a test program sometimes quick decisions must be made to seek alternatives when lab equipment becomes unavailable.  Having a test witness work with lab personnel ensures that your product is tested to your documented requirements and performed on schedule.

Test witnessing requires an in-depth familiarity with standards, detailed knowledge of the required and appropriate test procedures, and an understanding of test lab protocols and dynamics.  It also requires extensive recordkeeping over and above that performed by lab personnel.  This is not limited to Environmental/Dynamic testing but also applies to EMI/EMC testing where experience in detecting anomalies in equipment operation during susceptibility testing is critical.  In this area the effective use of lab time in troubleshooting of emission testing failures for sources and possible solutions is also essential.

Product testing is a valuable tool to verify and validate a system or component’s ability to perform as required throughout its life cycle.  As such it should be witnessed by people experienced in the methodologies and strategies to guarantee optimal results.  CVG Strategy has expert test witness specialists available to help our customers through testing and evaluation programs.

CVG Strategy Experts

Our experts at CVG Strategy have extensive experience in Environmental/Dynamic and EMI/EMC testing for a number of industries and products, both military and commercial.  CVG Strategy specializes in Independent Developmental Testing and Evaluation including the development of Test Plans, Test Procedures, Test Witnessing, and Troubleshooting.

CVG Strategy is a consultancy offering coaching, mentoring, training and program development focused on areas including Business Process Improvement, ITAR and Export Compliance, Cyber Security and Quality Management Systems.

Jamie Hamilton

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