Ground Stationary M517 3 Pyroshock 810H


Detailed Environmental Test Plan (DETP) template document set. The DETP is in the MIL-STD-810 format per Task 405 and is cross referenced with NATO AECTP-400 Method 415. It has been customized with procedures and parameters appropriate for equipment for use on ground mobile systems.  This Test Plan set contains all documentation necessary for effective product analysis and evaluation including formal lab testing.

Product Description

EZ-Test Plan Pyroshock MIL-STD-810H Method 517.3 for Ground Stationary Applications

This template (Ground Stationary M517 3 Pyroshock 810H) is customized for Ground Stationary Systems.  This document is applicable for the testing of ground equipment such as perimeter surveillance and communication components.  This EZ-Test Plan Test Plan Template is developed for use by manufacturers, contractors, engineering service companies and test labs.  This document employs the format specified in DOD MIL-STD-810 Task 405.

This EZ-Test Plan Template is customized for per MIL-STD-810 Method 517.3 Pyrohock Procedure III – Midfield Using Mechanical Test Device, Procedure IV – Far Field Using Mechanical Test Device, and Procedure V – Far Field Using Electrodynamic Shaker.  Additionally, this test procedure is compliant with NATO STANAG 4370-3 AECTP-400 Method 415.

A properly structured test plan ensures that testing is performed as specified by the product developer and prevents over or under test of the test item.  It also provides instruction for collection of data necessary for post-test analysis and data required for test replication (e.g. location of accelerometers and thermal sensors).

This EZ-Test Plan Template Set (Ground Stationary M517 3 Pyroshock 810H) includes:

  • Test Plan for one (1) Method with procedure(s)
  • Addendum – Operating and Functional Test Procedure Template for user customization
  • Test Data Form for Witness
  • Test Label (Photo template) form for pictures at lab by witness

This EZ-Test Plan Template (Ground Stationary M517 3 Pyroshock 810H) is available for a One-Year License which is renewable for 50% of the standard one license purchase price.

Test Program Documentation

It is essential for product developers of defense materiel to conduct thorough testing at the developmental stage to avoid failures during operational testing that can lead to costly program delays.  An important part in the development of a viable developmental evaluation program is to have well-constructed test plans that reflect the anticipated environmental factors when the equipment is installed on its platform of intended use.

Product Test Experience

Ground Stationary EZ-Test Plans have been developed based on CVG Strategy’s experience in MIL-STD-810 developmental test and evaluation for defense materiel designers.

This military component testing experience has provided an understanding of expected environmental stresses likely to be incurred in the life time of a product, including logistical and tactical transport.  It has also provided knowledge concerning the levels of these stresses applicable to realistic test parameters based on MIL-STD-810 methods of test.  These parameters are based on requirements, global climatic conditions for areas of deployment, and expected operational stresses.

Properly constructed documentation with appropriate parameters will ensure a degree of testing as required in MIL-STD-810.  It will also ensure that data essential for post-test analysis is captured and that the test procedure is repeatable.

Each EZ-Test Plan Package includes:

(1) EZ-Test Plan Template including functional and operational test procedure(s) (SECURE PDF).  Each EZ-Test Plan Template is approximately 20-50 pages in length (depending on the test).

EZ Test Plan Outline

  1. Scope
  2. Incorporated Documents
  3. Test Parameters
  4. Test Report requirements for lab
  5. Test Data Form Information
  6. Preparation for Test
  7. Test Information
  8. Test Procedure(s)
  9. Witness Check List

(2) EZ-Test Plan Cover Page (MS Word) – Cover page for use to customize for their use.

(3) EZ-Test Plan Sections VI & VII – test item configuration, (BOM) bill of materials, and operating and functional test unit steps (MS WORD. MS Word Templates are provided separately to be incorporated into package for Test Lab use.

(4) EZ-Test Label for Picture – template to be used by witness for photo titles including test id and test number (MS WORD).

(5) EZ-Test Data (TD) Form for Witness – to be used by witness at test lab to ensure comprehensive data and log processing (SECURE PDF).

(6) EZ-Test Plan Data Package Information (Text File) – Download information for setup and use of template document set.

Customer to customize 3 & 4 using the provided MS Word templates.