Product Test Management Services Help During Pandemic

Product Test Management Services

CVG Strategy Offers Product Test Management Services

Product Test Management Services can assist in keeping product development schedules on track during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Many product developers are already behind schedule due to lock downs.  Sending engineering staff on travels to laboratory may not be a desirable option at this time.  CVG Strategy can help by providing a number of services to ensure that your product test and evaluation are performed properly. 

Solutions for Product Testing

The CVG Strategy test and evaluation team have decades of experience in product test management.  We can provide everything from defining test requirements to creating final test report summaries.  We have expertise in climatic, dynamic, ingress, product safety, EMI/EMC, and electrical test methods.  Services we provide include:

  • Test Standard Research
  • Life Cycle Environmental Profile for Reliability Analysis
  • Susceptibility Analysis
  • Test Requirement Analysis
  • Design of Required Simulation and Monitoring Equipment
  • Vibration Test Fixture Design
  • Test Plan Development
  • Test Scheduling
  • On Site Test Witnessing
  • Subject Matter Expertise for Pre and Post Test Evaluation

Third Party Advocate for Your Product

Product Test Laboratories, by definition, are limited in their ability to act as an advocate for your product.  Additionally, because of their customer load, they are unable to provide in depth attention to details such as product modes of operation.  Testing is complicated, expensive, and important for product verification and validation.  Attention to details can catch intermittent susceptibilities and vulnerabilities that can lead to product recalls and liabilities.  They can also prevent under or over test conditions that would invalidate test results. 

The collection of pertinent data is very important in testing.  It is essential for post test analysis of failures.  It is also necessary for test replication where sensor placements and device under test set up are critical.  CVG Strategy can provide through all of its services an attention to detail that is borne out of experience in hundreds of test programs.

Sectors of Product Test Management Service Experience

CVG Strategy has experience in the test and evaluation of many product sectors.  These include:

  • Defense
  • Commercial
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Ingress Protection
  • HALT and HASS

We can provide Subject Matter Expertise to assist in design analysis and troubleshooting for these sectors that can prevent recurrent test failures.

See How We Can Help

Contact Us today to see how we can help keep your product development on schedule.  We also offer EZ-Test Plan Templates for a number of test standards. 


Jamie Hamilton

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