Product Compliance Testing and Beyond

product compliance testing

Product Compliance Testing

Product compliance testing is a requirement for bringing products to market.  These tests vary dependent on which global market sectors are being targeted.  Requirements differ from product type to product type and standards are constantly being created and revised.  It requires a great deal of effort to stay current on what testing will be required, and as always it is an expense and can delay a product development program.

Product compliance standards deal with a number of issues concerning product safety, meeting customer requirements, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and product ruggedness.  While these standard generally provide for qualification of a products quality and safety they can not be a guarantee that a product will meet all expectations.

Product Safety Concerns

As products become more sophisticated and capable they must be capable of consistent and reliable operation.  Failures can lead to property damage, injury, and even death.  It is no secret that product liability is a rapidly growing field in the legal profession.  Aside from legal concerns customer satisfaction and company reputation are at stake.  A brief glimpse of the news can provide ample evidence of the importance of getting product development right before product release.

EMI/EMC testing is playing a more vital role in product safety testing as dependence on electronics increases susceptibility issues.  Many test standards have less than adequate susceptibility requirements.  It is therefore critical that adequate consideration be given to the possible effects of a susceptibility issue on a product’s safety and the need for evaluation over and above that called out for in product compliance testing.

Product Quality and Sustainability

Consumers are showing an increased demand for products that support sustainability.  We are gradually moving beyond acceptance of products that must be replaced early in their life cycle.  If manufactures wish to capitalize on this trend, then developing and marketing products that can meet the rigors of a longer life span will demand thorough evaluation.  This requires an assessment of climatic and dynamic stressors likely to be encountered during a products life cycle and selection of test methodologies to evaluate their effects. 

CVG Strategy Test and Evaluation Experts

CVG Strategy offers a wide array of services to assist product developers in product compliance testing.  We also provide consulting services that can provide product evaluation to identify potential vulnerabilities and develop recommended test methods to ensure a quality product.  Our experts have decades of experience in commercial and defense product test and evaluation. 

Jamie Hamilton

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