Ingress Protection EZ Test Plan

Ingress Protection EZ Test Plan are available for your test program!

With our Ingress Protection EZ Test Plan, you can be sure your testing will be conducted in accordance with IEC 60529 (IEC60529).  And it will help you qualify that a system can survive in its application and be reliable.  IP testing will expose a product to induced and natural stress, which will demonstrate its ability to continue its function during and after exposure.

Commercial Testing to qualify a product for IP65, IP67 and IP68 can be a challenge, as IEC 60529, is not a freely available standard.  A licensed copy must be purchased from the International Electro-Technical Commission.

The Ingress Protection EZ Test Plan templates for IEC 60529 Compliance include three tests: penetration, dust and water. We have incorporated lessons we learned while program managing and witnessing tests on commercial parts. Each incorporates options for both operational and storage types of testing procedures and the requisite parameters. Each Ingress Protection EZ Test Plans template is compliant with MIL-STD-810 Task 405, even though IEC 60529 does not require it.

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