ITAR Does It Apply to Me?

Please take a few minutes to fill out this “ITAR Does it Apply to Me?” questionnaire to learn if these regulations apply to your company.

Please check all that apply. We will review your information and contact you to schedule a call to help determine if the ITAR and Export Regulations apply to your company.  CVG Strategy’s ITAR Consulting Program may be able to help you become compliant!

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Does it apply to me?

Thank you for your interest in determining if the ITAR applies to you and your company.  Once you have completed the form, a CVG Strategy Export Professional will contact you to review the results.
A. Manufacturer Section
not complete this section if you are a manufacturer of any product.
B. Reseller, Dealer or Distributor Section
If you resell anything as a store, reseller, distributor or broker, complete this section.
C. Service Provider Section
complete for design, IT, manufacturing service or repair company.
D. Training Section
if you provide training services complete this section.
E. Freight and Logistics Section
if you are a freight carrier logistics or freight forward service provider, complete this section.

Thank you for completing the ITAR Does it Apply to Me questionnaire. We hope to assist you with the complexities of ITAR.  Our export compliance experts will provide you with a response shortly.  Please check our site for available webinars and seminars to keep all participants in your ITAR program up to date on the latest developments and changes to these regulations.


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ITAR answers are available for your specific issues. 

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