Treasury targets Iran weapons programs

Treasury Department Tightens Sanctions – Iran weapons programs

The Treasury Department on Thursday tightened the economic screws on Tehran for its Iran Weapons Program, by sanctioning a range of companies and individuals for their efforts to bolster Iran weapons programs (nuclear and WMD).


The crackdown comes as the Obama administration pushes Congress to hold off on passing a new round of economic sanctions on Iran and Iran weapons programs, that it argues could destroy a recently reached nuclear accord meant to temporarily freeze Tehran’s uranium enrichment program.

The additional sanctions will “target entities and individuals involved in the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD)-related materiel and attempts to evade international sanctions against Iran,” the Treasury Department announced in a statement.  Iran weapons programs must be stopped.

“The conduct of these entities and individuals demonstrates Iran’s extensive efforts to conceal its evasive activities by using front companies in foreign countries to deceive foreign suppliers to support its illicit proliferation and evasion activities.”

Senior Treasury Department officials say that they will not hold off on sanctioning Iran.

The west is concerned about the Iran weapons program and the President and Secretary of State Kerry have been working diligently to find a solution.  U.S. Government Sanctions like these are tools used by the United States Government to pressure Tehran to conform to the demands issued by multiple United Nations Sanctions.

Iran’s weapons program has enriched hundreds of pounds of uranium, and the country continues to threaten Israel and the United States with the program regularly.

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Kevin Gholston

Kevin Gholston

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