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EMI Testing

EMI Testing is tough. Are you Prepared?

EMI testing is always a challenge but  preparation  can make your task easier. EMI testing is an important part of your product development.  Successful EMI testing  of course can provide compliance to relevant standards.  It can also ensure your product is not susceptible to interference that can cause damage, injury, or product recalls. Most EMI […]

Test Witnessing

Test Witnessing Adds Value to your Evaluation Program

The importance of Test Witnessing is often overlooked by many engineering teams. Effective test witnessing of each individual product test or during a product test program is the best way to maximize the value returned on investment.  Testing can be expensive.  It is important to get maximum value for your company’s investment. If a product […]

EMI-EMC Susceptibility

EMI EMC Susceptibility – Strategies

EMI EMC Susceptibility testing is the first and most important test in any program. There have been frequent examples of product failures due to EMI EMC susceptibility issues in the news of late.  Failures like these can result in property damage, loss of life, product recall, and huge fines.  Toyota and Honda have recently had […]

Product Test Standards

Product Test Standards and Specifications

Using Product Test Standards to Develop a Test and Evaluation Program There is a seemingly endless amount of product test standards and specifications.   These documents set criteria for compliance, provide guidance for evaluation, and sometimes assist in the development of analysis and test programs of both commercial and military products.  They are all constantly evolving as […]

military product testing

Military Product Testing – It is important!

When it comes to weapons and weapons systems it is highly important that these should also work in the heat of battle – verified by military product testing. It is no good for our Warfighters if the US Military has spent many billions of dollars on military hardware and weapons systems if they fail to […]

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