AS9100D Release announced for October 2016

The new AS9100D Release (2016) has been announced by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) to be published in October 2016 as opposed to the previously announced 2nd quarter 2016 date.

AS9100d release is expected with the new AS9101 and AS9110 standards out in November 2016, and with AS9120 in December 2016.  They are making efforts to shorten the publication dates and publish concurrently as soon as possible. There was no explanation given for the delay with the AS9100D Release.

IAQG has agreed to align transition of the revised aerospace standards with the International Accreditation Forum’s (IAF) Resolution 2013-15, which requires transition to the ISO9001:2015 quality management system standard no later than September 15, 2018.  This same date will be applicable to all AS9100C certifications.

The purpose of the AS9100D release is to standardize quality management system requirements which can be utilized at all levels of the supply chain by aviation, space and defense organizations around the world.


  • High level structure (HLS)
  • Terminology
  • Risk-based thinking
  • Process approach strengthened and more explicit with integration of the QMS into organization’s business processes
  • Concept of preventive action now addressed throughout the standard by risk identification and mitigation
  • Emphasis on change management
  • Introduction of knowledge management
  • Clearer understanding of the organization’s context
  • Aligning QMS policy and objectives with the strategy of the organization
  • Explicit performance evaluation requirements
  • Greater flexibility with documentation
  • More compatible with services


  • Configuration Management: Clause clarified and improved considerably to address stakeholder needs.
  • Counterfeit Parts: Enhanced in carefully select areas while successfully limiting new requirements.
  • Design Development and Supplier Management: Gap Analysis complete – ISO text has been added back in to meet the IAQG needs
  • Human Factors: Added as a consideration in the Nonconformity/Correction Action Clause.
  • Management Representative: Requirement added back in for Management Representative QMS oversight.
  • Post Delivery Support: Merged current 9100 requirements with the new ISO requirements.
  • Preventive Action: Current clause requirements absorbed into Risk, Opportunities and Nonconformance.
  • Product Realization & Planning: Clarified and enhanced planning throughout the standard.
  • Product Safety: Added in carefully selected areas with consideration of current 9110 requirements.
  • Project Management: Combined with Operation Planning clause to address user interpretation issues.
  • Quality Manual: Note added pointing to the requirements that typically make up a Quality Manual
  • Risk: Merged with current 9100 requirements with the new ISO requirements.
  • CVG Strategy will release more information about the transition and timeline as it becomes available along with scheduled dates for AS9100D release training. The latest information will also be posted on our blog.

Certified companies with AS9100C will need to upgrade to AS9100D from when their certification body can begin issuing certificates (sometime late in 2016) through June 14, 2018. This should typically coincide with a scheduled surveillance or recertification audit. A special audit can also be scheduled and paid for. You should plan your upgrade based on this transition timing window and when your audit cycle falls.

CVG Strategy can help you with your transition to AS9100D release, contact us for more information.

Kevin Gholston

Kevin Gholston

Subject Matter Expert in MIL-STD-810, ITAR & Export-Compliance and Quality including ISO9001:2015, AS9100D and AAR M-1003

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