EMI and Device Coexistence in Today’s RF Environment

emi and device coexistance

The Growth of RF Spectrum Usage, EMI and Device Coexistance Increased reliance on radio frequency communication has created issues for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Device Coexistence.  Cellular devices and equipment using the Internet of Things (IoT) are major causes of this increase.  This has effected product development strategies for both commercial and defense applications, particularly … Read more

Medical Equipment EMC Requirements from the FDA

Medical Equipment EMC Susceptibility

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has completed guidance for medical equipment Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) information to be submitted before an electrical medical device that is manufactured in the United States is marketed.  This guidance updates previous submission recommendations released in 2016.  Its intent is to provide clarification of what the FDA will consider in … Read more

Susceptibility EMI/EMC Testing Standards

susceptibility emi emc testing

What is EMI Susceptibility? EMI/EMC susceptibility is the vulnerability of an electronic device to electromagnetic energy that can result in disruptions to that device’s normal operation.  These disruptions can result in physical damage of the device, or unwanted operational events that can lead to property damage, injury, or death. This is of special concern where … Read more

Product Test Consulting Services – Subject Matter Experts

Pretest Product Evaluation EMI/EMC Test Consulting Test Documentation Test Program Management Product Test Witnessing Vibration Test Fixtures Product Test Consulting Services Our product test consulting services focuses on our clients’ most critical issues when it comes to product testing and evaluation.  We bring deep, functional expertise in a wide variety of test and evaluation sectors. … Read more

Product Reliability Testing and Evaluation

What is Product Reliability Testing and Evaluation? Product reliability testing is an integral part of reliability engineering.  This test and evaluation can occur at any phase of the development cycle.  It assesses a product ability to perform all of its functions as designed throughout the entirety of its intended life.  The goal of this testing … Read more

Health Effects of RF Energy and Microwaves

Health Effects of RF Energy

The health effects of RF energy have been a concern voiced by many in recent years.  Questions have been raised about the use of cell phones and the introduction of 5G.  Now the military has raised concerns about the cognitive effects of radio frequency energy on pilots. U.S. Military Concerns About RF Noise Exposure A … Read more

Military Susceptibility Testing and MIL-STD-461

military susceptibility testing

Military Susceptibility Testing Military Susceptibility Testing is performed to determine if a product can maintain normal operation when exposed to electrical, magnetic, and radio frequency, emissions and disturbances likely to be found in its intended environment.  In military applications, the density of equipment on a given platform and the levels of potential emissions and disturbances … Read more

EMI EMC Consulting Services – Test and Analysis

CVG Strategy EMI EMC Consulting Services offers a wide variety of services to help you reach your goals.  EMI/EMC is a challenge for any product development team.  We have the subject matter expertise to keep your project on track. EMI/EMC Product Evaluation Our EMI/EMC Consulting Services can perform a product evaluation at any point in … Read more

EZ Test Plan Template – Commercial and Defense

Ground Mobille EZ Test Plans Ground Stationary EZ Test Plans Shipboard Controlled EZ Test Plans Shipboard Uncontrolled EZ Test Plans Aircraft Military EZ Test Plans Ingress Protection EZ Test Plans Our EZ Test Plan Template Documents Ensure Proper Test and Evaluation Using our many years of experience in writing test plans, we have developed our … Read more