MIL-STD-810 Classes Are Available

mil-std-810 classes
mil-std-810 classes

CVG Strategy MIL-STD-810 classes will provide you with the ability to develop and conduct an environmental test program.  Our two day course not only provides you with valuable information about climatic and dynamic test methods but also includes training in the methodology to correctly apply test tailoring.  This course is available online or onsite.  Ample time is available for questions and comments so that participants are encouraged to keep engaged.  Check here for our online Training Registration Schedule.

Course Description

In this two day course you will learn: 

  • The history and evolution of MIL-STD-810
  • Use of Parts I of the standard to support test program development and test tailoring
  • Use of Part III of the standard to evaluate expected climatic conditions
  • How to conduct a Life Cycle Environmental Profile
  • Developing a Detailed Environmental Test Plan (DETP)
  • Preparing for Laboratory Testing
  • Considerations for vibration test fixtures
  • Description and purpose of each test method

MIL-STD-810 Applications

MIL-STD-810 Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests is comprised of 29 test methods that address a broad range of environmental conditions.  These methods include climatic testing  such as high and low temperature, humidity, salt fog, and sand and dust.  The standards also provides test methods for evaluating the effects of dynamic stressors such as vibration, shock, and acceleration.

This important standard has been used by product developers in the the United States and internationally to evaluate both defense and commercial products’ ability to perform as designed when subjected to the environmental stressors that are expected in their life cycle.   This testing can therefore verify and validate  the environmental worthiness and overall durability of a system design.

Test Program Tailoring

MIL-STD-810 does not impose test specifications.  Instead, it describes the environmental tailoring process that results in realistic materiel designs and test methods.  This process combines requirements and information derived from Whole Life Assessments (WLA) to provide criteria for selection of appropriate test methods.  It will also provide criteria for selecting appropriate severities and durations to perform for each test.   

CVG Strategy Test and Evaluation Expertise

Our team of test and evaluation experts can assist you in creating a meaningful test program that meets requirements and prevents costly failures at the operational test stage.  CVG Strategy provides an array of services to help you with environmental and EMI/EMC testing. 

Our instructors have decades of experience in laboratory test and evaluation of military and commercial products.  We understand the importance of testing and getting a properly designed product to market in a timely fashion. 

In many cases, testing requirements can be met or enhanced through compliance by analysis.  Such analysis can involve computer modeling and simulation, acceptance by similarity, or testing of coupon samples.  These types of analysis can also serve to identify design deficiencies early in product development and thereby streamline product to market schedules.