Service Industry Quality Management

service industry quality management
service industry quality management

Why Have a Quality Management System for Service Industry Businesses?

At first glance a Quality Management System (QMS) might appear inappropriate for service industry businesses.  There would appear to be a lack of metrics to serve as inputs, as a large portion of the product is not physical.  Customer satisfaction however is a very tangible item.  Think back on a meal at a restaurant or a hotel stay that left you less than satisfied.  How likely are you to return to that business?

Every Business Model Incorporates Process

Processes are a part of every employee function.  Where those processes can be defined, consistent performance of tasks can be accomplished.  When team members have the ability to offer feedback into process improvement they will be less frustrated by imposed systems that aren’t working as well as they should.  A frustrated employee is less able to provide a positive experience to a customer and satisfied customers means a successful business. 

Buy in by all stakeholders is the backbone of QMS and it provides the inputs for continual improvement.  These inputs can then be documented to provide dynamic process development that can evolve as a business grows.

Offsetting Quality Management System Costs

Service Industry businesses often operate with tight margins.  The immediate perception for many is that a QMS is an expensive undertaking.  While some cost is involved, these costs can often be offset by savings in process efficiency.  They of course can also be offset by the increased profitability of a satisfied customer base. 

It is important to realize that a QMS is scalable to a business’s size and is built around the context of the organization.  This means that a QMS should be built around the specific boundaries, scope, and requirements of a business.  This allows for a determination of scope and complexity for a given company’s QMS.  When a thorough analysis is made the argument could be made that a service industry business cannot afford to be without quality management. 

CVG Strategy

CVG Strategy quality experts have decades of experience in process improvement.  We have worked with businesses in many sectors achieve their goals by developing viable QMS that allow for efficient processes and satisfied customers.