1.b. CGPC Manual and Forms License – Canada

To Purchase the Canadian Goods Program Compliance Packet complete this form and a CVG Strategy Agent will contact you.

If you are interested in purchasing the Canadian Goods Program Compliance Package, please complete the form below and an CVG Strategy agent will contact you.


Document Package includes the following:


CGP-001 Controlled Goods Program Compliance Manual                                                  Electronic Access Only (secured)


A-008 US Munitions List and MTCR (pdf)                                                                                Electronic Access Only (secured)

A-014 ITAR – International Traffic in Arms Regulations (pdf)                                               Electronic Access Only (secured)

Export Compliance Forms

ECF-02  Export Compliance Team                                                                                            MS Word (not secured)

ECF-15 Project Checklist – Risk Form 1.2 (pdf)                                                                        Electronic Access Only (secured)

ECF-20 Product Classification List                                                                                            MS Word (not secured)

ECF-28 Export Compliance Team and Responsible Officials (pdf)                                      Electronic Access Only (secured)

ECF-34  General Correspondence Letter                                                                                MS Word (not secured)

ECF-35 Export License Intake Form                                                                                         Electronic and Print (secured)

ECF-36 Export Items Worksheet                                                                                               MS Word (not secured)

ECF-1001 CGP Designated Official Appointment Letter                                                       MS Word (not secured)

ECF-1002 CGP Authorized Individual Appointment Letter                                                   MS Word (not secured)

ECF-1003 Security Assessment Summary (PWGS Issued)                                                     Electronic and Print

ECF-1004 Notice of Security Assessment (PWGS Issued)                                                      Electronic and Print

ECF-1005 CGP Security Assessment (PWGS Issued)                                                               Electronic and Print

ECF-1006 CGP Employee Certification                                                                                      Electronic and Print

ECF-1007 Application for Registration CGP (PWGS Issued)                                                   Electronic and Print

ECF-1008 CGP Classification Form (pdf)                                                                                   Electronic and Print (secured)

ECF-1009 Memorandum D20 1 1 Exporter Reporting (pdf)                                                  Electronic and Print (secured)

ECF-1010 CGP Advisory Opinion Notes (pdf)                                                                           Electronic and Print (secured)

ECF-1011 CGP Export Compliance Incident Report                                                                MS Word (not secured)

ECF-1014 New DO and Registration Checklist (pdf)                                                                Electronic and Print (secured)

ECF-1015 Applic. Exemption from Registration (PWGS Issued)                                            Electronic and Print

ECF-1016 Visitor App. for security assessment and exemption from registration (pdf)  Electronic and Print

ECF-1017 Export-Controls-Handbook-2017 (pdf)                                                                   Electronic and Print

ECF-1018A Exports Permits Regulations (pdf)                                                                        Electronic and Print

ECF-1019A Guide to Canadas Export Control List 12-2018 (pdf)                                         Electronic and Print